Pressrelease for the Calendar 2010

Yesterday was a crazy day in Bangkok, I got cencured in the newspaper, the calendar got banned and we had Thai police stand by at the big pressrelease in the center of Bangkok. Today we were the "talk of the town" about these pictures that made the Thai people react  and it was a hot debate about this in the todays morning TV-news.....

We had to answered tough questions in the press yesterday because many thought that this was to provocative for the Thai people and Thai culture. Sometimes it is a conflict being mixed and not follow the traditional way. I rather do my own  choices without asking permission and advice to my Thai relatives, agents and managers like a good girl/woman should do in the Thai way, I have done it the past and I will never do it again, I had to cut the band to them to be able to do what I wanted to do. I absolutely love Thailand and im a proud being Thai because its my other part, let me embrace that my way.

Bodypaint is beautiful and Im so proud of the art that came out of this.



How one shoot can stir up so much emotion....




Postat av: Sven

Oj, väldigt vacker bild på en väldigt vacker kvinna!

God Jul! =)

2009-12-19 @ 10:10:58
Postat av: Camilla

To do this is not to go your own way, it is to go the usual way to get attention! To refuse and go to the news about it would have been a way to express an individuality! Now you become mainstream! You could refused, and shed your clothes for charity THAT would been a good way, take someone else down and promote yourself! The pose is also to mainstream.

2009-12-19 @ 11:07:32
Postat av: Långrygg

Dubbelmoralens väktare låter.... Såg nåt på tv igår kväll om Leo's kalender. Har inte hört nåt från "vanligt" folk, men tv är ju som i Sverige, folk tror på vad som sägs efter ett tag.

Stå på dig, inga bilder att skämmas över, tvärtom! Vi i Thailand glömmer snabbt ;)

2009-12-19 @ 13:09:09
Postat av: Rolf

Fina bilder på en vacker modell. Hoppas att du fortsätter som modell länge till.

2009-12-20 @ 12:23:54

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