Happy B-day Dad!

Happy Birthaday Dad!

Me and my younger sister Kitty took out my dad for a dinner out for his 57th Birthday.
Our dad is actually one of the funniest and strongest people we know. For about 7 years ago, he had 2 strokes
at the same time. The doctors said he had 4% chance of survival, and in a second our whole world collapsed.

Dad is back on track, spending a lot of time in the gym and sometimes a drink to much hahaha

Why would we as young woman sit and plan our father's funeral? Something we have received from our father, is that we are both damn stubborn, so we didnt except that we should plan our dads funeral. Kitty had the the earth's biggest name-calling and a number of swearword to tell the doctor that she was not listening to his assumptions and I dont think she regret that :)
After dad had been  flown by helicopter to various hospitals  he had surgery, and with an angelic guard the situation was stable but the doctor said then that he would be in at least 6-month in coma. 
The most amazing thing is, that our father wakes up after 2 weeks and is half paralyzed. 
After a lot of gymnastics and once he was discharged the doctor gave him a walker. And dad did exactly what we would have done.

Dad pushed that walker down stairs and said
: Do it yourself!

And then we went home, and the strong personality and perseverance became more evident than what I've seen in my entire life. He went mile after mile to get his motor activity back, trained & trained! 
He let no one and nothing get to him for a second believe that nothing goes. 
And thats what we admire him for. Sometimes we smoke together like cats and dogs. But he will always be the world's best dad to us.

Kitty and Jessica glowing at todays photoshoot
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