Hello Monday & Derby

The weekend passed by quick and I was on my crosstrainer again this morning. Im feeling stronger and more fit each day after my beginning to do some weight training after my Estland trip with the help of my dad. Its a long way until Im at my peak but you have to see and appreciate the small steps forward.

Im looking forward to this evening when IFK Norrköping will be playing home against Åtvidaberg, they are expecting around 10000 people to see the game. What is a better warm up then to enjoy a great dinner before the game than at the Parken Restaurant, Thanks Ingmar for the invite ;)
Unfortanely Petru is suspend this game but we will be cheering on the rest of the team on the grandstand.

Looking forward to next years outdoor season...

Pumping up some energy before my afternoon run with Madonnas new "Celebration"


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