This morning I worked on putting our ideas that we brainstormed to action and was looking forward to have my 5th archery practice in the afternoon.  Me and  Petru went to town and  heard that today it is "Valborg" as we say in Sweden or walpurgis in english and as usal I forgot it as I use to forget other holidays.

I had a great training and my comfortable shooting feeling is slowly coming back. It was hard to put back the bow because I could continue a couple of more hours. Thanks to Petru that pulled me back home and timed the traditional walpurgis fire and the towns fireworks display.  Now I will get cosy at home and eat some fresh grapes and strawberrys.

Picture from tonight were we luckily timed into the celebration in Norrköping

Thank you World Class

Big Thank you to Robin Wickenberg and Franz Nietsch at World Class Gym in Norrköping gym for sponsoring in my commitment to the Swedish National Target Archery Championships that will be held 1-2 Aug in Malmö 2009. They also sponsor IFK Norrköping, me and Petru are lucky that we only have a 5 min walk to the nice gym. So far I have been shooting 4 Archery session but now I will be more motivated when I have a competition to look forward to. Its a big challenge but I want to make a try and Its necessary to do some weight training if you want to have a steady archery muscle and Frank will help me to put a special program for me so I take it in the right pace. Im so thankful for their support.

IFK Norrköping - Qvidinge FF

7 pm Its gametime in Parken Norrköping and Petru will have a new position as right defender, that will be exciting to see. Keeping my fingers crossed for my dear fotballer, the team and hoping for 3 points tonight.

When I met the King and Queen of Sweden

Im home after a very inspirational  day. I went early to Stockholm to meet up and brainstorm with my producer George Nakas and photographer Andrew Chen and we just got into flow today. Its hard work but I feel more motivated than ever because with them I feel respected and  they belive and have the same vision as me.  Later in the afternoon we met producer Martin Ankelius that I have been working with in the past and hope to work with again. I learn so much by listening to their experience and respect their complex work and creativity.  There are no fast track if you want to be independent you just have to continue work hard and belive in yourself.

Andrew Chen

The ICA Magazine "Buffe", pictures in that Magazine is taken by Andrew, one of many projects that he is involved with.
Im thankful for the pictures Andrew gave me today want  that  he took during my appearance at the "Ulriksdal Flowershow 2004" were I had the honour to meet the King and Queen of Sweden. A moment that was very memorable. Thanks to the Thai Tourist Authority and Thai Airways that made this happen.

Sunny summerday

When you have been away from Thailand a while you start to appreciate the warm sun in you face more.  Thanks to Catrin on Ernst & Young for helping me with the income-tax return, its a lot of paperwork when you have a company. I had a really enjoyable lunch with my friend Titti she has been following me since I was 12 , we had a long chat and nice walk  were she showed me some golden spots in Norrköping that I missed out on.  Titti have been a photographer for the local newspaper "Folkbladet" for many years and I like that she still has positive attitude towards life and work, more women should be that way. The age is just a number and not a measurment of how you suppose to be.
I manage to have my 4th archery session at a great day to finish of the day. Time to book train ticket to Stockholm and get some sleep. Im meeting George tomorrow for our Musicproject. By the way miracle can happen sometimes, my dad made us dinner today, last time he cooked was over 10 years ago. There is hope....

Me and Titti Olovsson enjoying a warm summerday

Swedish Cup, IFK Norrköping vs AIK

Vester made sure we got up of bed this morning. He has a new world to explore and of course he has to taste and smell everything that is around. My brother slept over and made sure to keep our internet and phone safe from Vestus exploring it to much. So dad we wish you good luck with Vestus at home, pull in the carpet and put away the shoes because Vestus is on a big adventure. One minute he is crazy energized and gets everyones attention and in the next he just fall deeply asleep.  He cant fill the place of Prinz but he fill the home with positive energy.
Now we are preparing to see Petru play against AIK, his 3rd game this week and that is tough. Keeping our fingers crossed.

Vester keeping my brother last night :)

Welcome home Vestus

Me and dad made a insane trip we drove 2400 km on 48 hour. I can say I have experienced driving on the autobahn now and driving in kassel, Germany was a true adrenalin kick.  We are home, safe and crazy tired.
Friday morning we arrived to Nurnberg where my fathers old friend  Xaver Meixner gave us a very warm welcome. There he was the our little new familymember Vestus Vom Schwaiger Rathaus, specially selected by Xaver that is a dedicated rottweiler breeder and a icon for the Rottweiler community around the world.

John Haxholm and Xaver Meixner with Vertus Vom Schwaiger Rathaus

After 1, hour on our way back. I feel a connection with Vertus here

       Are we there yet?

Home and tired after a long long drive for a 8 week old puppy

Heading to Munchen to pick up a new familymember

Today everyone is out of the house. Petru left with his team IFK Norrköping to Helsinborg, tomorrow they will play against Ängelholm FF.  I had paperwork all day and soon I will leave to go with dad to Munchen, Germany. We will pick up a new family member. It has been so empty since Prinz past away and I think having a new baby rottweiler will get my father out on the walks again. So Im preparing for a long long drive and dad should be thankful that I have a driving licens now. Autobahn be aware, Mix Archer will be on the road!!

Be aware Mix is on the autobahn

My shooting muscle is waking up..

I went to train this afternoon and had my 3rd shooting session. Its getting better everyday and my shooting muscle is coming awake again.  Time for some jogging

Die another day

Yesterday the fotball game ended 2-2 and It was excited to see Petru play in the new arena with around 5000 spectators cheering on.

 My producer George Nakas is taking the next step forward by preparing me with all question I need to take to plan for our Music projekt. So that what I have been doing today. To be a good athlet you have to work hard,  prepare yourself with things that can happen in the future and have the right positive people around you that belives in what you do. Its the same thing in Music and I feel we are moving forward in a positive direction were Im involed, can question and be a visionary. Im happy I have taken a different direction and been  rebellious when it come to my choices so far because I drive the the car and decides were I want to go, throwing old tradition, culture rules, past negative people out of my window and moving forward for new challenges.

Petru flying

Pics taken by Titti Olovsson, Folkbladet

Pic taken by Mickael Andersson, NT

Hemmapremiär för IFK Norrköping Tv 4 sport kl 20.00

Så var det äntligen dags för hemmapremiär för IFK Norrköping på Nya fina Parken. Ska sitta som stolt fotbollsfruga och hejja med pappsen på Petru och IFK Norrköping. Det är pirrigt och kul. Ser verkligen fram emot ikväll, men nu ser jag fram emot ett bågskyttepass!!

Fram med årskortet!!!

2 Miss Thailand shooting Archery

Sunday has just passed by and time goes so quick. I had a day off from training and sunday is a good day. Just waking up  eating breakfast like a normal person, reading and just chill a couple off hours I have been working all afternoon and evening at my extrawork and came home and enjoyed some yummie vegetarian burgers. 

Sharing some pics from a Tv-Show I did together with Nikallaya Abdul Miss Thailand 2004

Me coaching "Ya" during a  Tv -show about sport 2008

Thanks to Body Glove that gave me cool, comfortable outfit for the Tv-Show

How to strike a pose with a icecream baby

Im so wonderful soar after my shooting yestarday. Today powerwalk,yoga and singing is on the scheadule. My younger sister Kitty was is in  town so we bought ourself icecream in the sunny weather. She recently signed a model contract with Model House, so in a couple of weeks you will see Kitty as the new face for Model House in Norrkoping.

Mix &  http://thekittycats.blogg.se/

Back to basic

Last time I shoot was at a Swedish Tv-apperance in august  when I was invited to shoot in the Olympic studio and be a commentator for during the Olympics 2008. The last comepetition was Sea games in the Philliphines 2005 which I qualified for after winning the Thai National outdoor target Championships.

This friday morning I took my bow and went to meet the chairman for the Archery club in my hometown Finspang. He was so nice to take time to meet up so I could become a member again and start practice. And so I did. I shoot 100 arrows at the shortdistance of 12 m to get back to the basic. It actually felt very nice and suprised myself of how strong I was. I think the yoga and running have paid off. And I can hear my old coach reminding me of what I should think of when I stand there alone. I been training in Korea, Thailand and Usa but when I stand here again when I started at the age of 10, I feel home.

Back at the Archery Club in my hometown Finspang were I started at the age of 10

Back to basic at 12m

Life goes on

Morning sunshine and a tired Mix, I have not been sleeping so much these nights and Im trying to get back to the everyday rhytm. In 3 hour I will go and work and I feel a bit better.  Yesterday me and George had a phone meeting and went through our next step for the Music project.  That makes me come alive again!!  I will also call my old Archery club today were I started shooting in my hometown to become a member again so I can start practice.

Me as a Judge in Thai National Archery Championship October 2008

Prinz is kept in my heart forever

You name was Prinz, you were  in our life for 13 years. You gave us love, comfort and laughter.  Monday evening you passed away in my fathers house. Today we carried your shell and said goodbye.  Its empty you are missed and Its been many years since I cried like this.   You gave us unconditional love and filled the house with warmth. You gave my father company and strength when he came back from the stroke. You gave grandma the best company in her lonely evenings. Now its so empty and its breaks my heart that you will not be there when I come home and our walks in the forest. But you have given us so many great memories that in the end, its them I will remember and be thankful for. You were just a dog, but for me and our family you were more than that.
Thank you Prinz for being in our Life, run free werever you are.

Prinz is kept in our hearts forever, espacially mine

If Prinz was the teacher, maybe you would learn these things =

* When somebody you love comes home, always run and meet them

Let the feeling of fresh air and the wind against your face be the reason to be ecstaticly happy

* Dont bite when Its enough to snarl

Let other people know that they trespass on your private property

 * Run, jump and play a moment everyday

* Take a nap now and them, always stretch yourself before you stand up

*  Be loyal

* Never pretend to be someone you not

* if the thing that you want is under the ground, keep dig until you find it

* When someone has a bad day or is sick - be quiet, sit or lay down closely and offer comfort by just being there

Sundays we chill

Sundays is for rest and Im getting better at it. I use to stress out over a free day but its important to learn to cut out all the stuff around and simply just be. With this weather its a crime to be inside. So we went for a walk, bought some stuff and made ourself some sandwiches and had a picknick all afternoon. Yes just laying in the grass watching the sky and making out in the sun makes a great day. In the back of my head I hope that the political problems in Thailand will be resolved soon.

Picknick is sweet,

In the back of my head I hope that the political problems in Thailand will be resolved soon.

Premiär för IFK Norrköping Superettan kl 15.50 Tv4

Hello, ja idag får det bli lite swedish. Det härliga vädret håller i sig från igår. Fredagen var lugn, lite yatzy spel med bror och Petru där jag förlorade och fick diska...sen vidare ner för lite thaimat på restaurangen Golden Bangkok som rekommenderas varmt för den som har vägarna förbi, bra mat och service. Den unga thailändska servitrisen frågade om jag var den där skönhetsdrottningen och jag blev lite förvånad där jag satt osminkad i t-shirt, jeans och slitna converse skor. Det känns så länge sen.

Har tagit en proteindrink och halv banan och snart väntar dagens joggingtur, sen blir det lite mer övning åt mina låt texter. Men kl 15.50 kommer jag ta en rejäl paus för att kolla fotboll. Älsklingen tar på sig tröja nr 9 och hoppas på premiär med sitt lag IFK Norrköping. De möter Assyriska i södertälje. Håller tummarna för att det ska gå bra för dem efter den hårda träningen de lagt  ner på försäsongen. Så glöm inte att slå på Tv 4 kl 15.50 om du vill hänga med i premiären.

Lite roliga minnen från påsken i unga år : http://thekittycats.blogg.se/

Tyvärr blev det förlust med 3-0, de får ta nya tag

My Eastern candy

My younger brother John is sleeping over, he has a part time job at the cinemas, making and selling Popcorn set.  This year he will graduate College and Im looking forward to be there. We have been teasing him this week and Petru woke up this morning and prepared my brother for work by putting popcorn and salt in my brothers shoes.
 After running in the rainy morning I opened my email and had received some positive response from my on going projects. Every small step forward is great.  Im a bit soar but I love that feeling sitting a bit exhausted in my soffa and knowing I have tried to do the best of the day. Time to make some dinner for my brother coming home after work.

Digging in to my Eastern candy...

The Popcorn man :) After 10 hours of hard work, Im so proud of him

Happy Eastern

Early morning, time for jogging. Emailing on the reborn computer at home after my brother cleaned it up yesterday. Time practicing on my new lyrics and songs. My neighbour will have to hear me all evening since my Love is away playing the Swedish Cup against Enskede tonight.

Yellow in the track... Happy Eastern everyone

Honey, u know what day it is?

 I had a rough morning with a family issue Im trying to resolve. When you start to stand up for yourself and learn to question, it can be quite new for some people around that dont like the "new" Mix. Thats a part of growing up and experience, you see people more clear and their intentions. In Asian culture and as a women you should keep your emotions inside and "kill yourself". Well not for me.
Im thankful for having my Music project and training to help me put my focus, emotion and energy on. Just like when I was young and It was stormy at home, I just flew to my figureskating and Archery to help me cope with everything. I guess I still do like that but the difference is that I dont shut up anymore and have a man that loves me just the way Im, not only becasue of what I create and my performances. I choose not be around people who give me negative energy, they dont deserve my presence.

I started to calm down and was sitting in the sun when I said to Petru: Time goes so quick, we have almost been together more than one year

Here Petru get chocked and quiet, check his watch and says: Well, fuck do you know what day It is today?

 I say: No

Petru says: Great! Today is our 1 year engagement anniversary

We both smile and continue eating our icecream, at least we remember it at 5pm.

My younger brother John is going to work soon.. he so happy...haha

I want to run and so I did

Last friday I did like Forest Gump. I just wanted to run and so I did, on saturday I went to the store and bought myself some new Asics joggingshoes and ran again. This morning I had to run again and I will contine until I get stronger and better becasue its  great feeling afterwards and  I feel its a good combination with my Powerwalks and vocaltraining.  Yes Im soar everywere but no pain no gain. Im so proud that I have started to run becasue it was to many years ago.

We bought the first icecream of the year and Mango and Blueberry flavour was a winner, hmm well just a small bite for me,

My beautiful baby sister...

 My sister was in town and was taking some pictures in "Model House". When I saw the picture my first thought was: ohh my God.. Is that my baby sister? Now she has become a beautiful women. Those days when my sister was a cute little girl with chubby chins are gone... and looks like 10 without makeup, which she still does.
 We grow up in a disfunctional family which has created us like we are today. We are totally the opposites that dont talk that much and deifinitely not about emotions, but when she called me she said:

When are you getting married in a proper way in church? Dont forget me, you cant get married without me. Despite that we are so different in many ways and can hate each other in some moments. It touch me when she says that. And all I can reply is, grow up, take responsibilite,  dont forget the mobilephone again and call me when you say you will. Becasue she still live in her little egobubble when everyone have to make room and change for her.
She replies with: Petru is coming home soon, should you not start clean and organise a bit....
I laugh and want to kill her in the same time.

But no matter she like it or not I see her and know were she is coming from and Im proud that she have learned from my mistakes and never take shit from nobody, and I hope she can see were im coming from one day. Inside I know she do.

 I know I like sound like a mother sometimes but that makes me the big sister.
  My younger sister had to put up with almost always coming in the shadow when I was comepeting,training like a maschine and being driven around by my father following my every step and move until I became a proffesional and  sent me to Korea an around the world. As well as my years in Thailand when I was lost and felt like bambi on the slippery ice and growing up in a new enviroment.

In my eyes she is my little sister forever, she shines wherever she goes and in my prayers everyday.

But for god sake Kitty, be serious sometimes ;)

Thailands Brigitte Bardot

If you ever hurt my sister, I will hunt yo down with my bow....

The Mohikan from Moldova..

Good Luck,   IFK Norrkoping !! They are playing against Åvidaberg in Side, Turkey today. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Here is a article from the newspaper  that was written about my love this week

Det finns en rad olika sätt att ge uttryck för sina känslor. Petru Racu har valt att låta håret tala. IFK:s, Turkiets och superettans svettigaste frilla sitter utan tvekan på 21-åringens hjässa. - Det här är ett sätt att visa vad jag känner i den här perioden jag är i nu. Jag är redo, klargör han.

 Efter Turkietlägrets första frukost möter den trevlige mittfältaren upp vid poolkanten. Färgen har skiftat Mohikanen är något tilltufsad men inte mindre cool för det. - Min fru ville inte gå ut tillsammans med mig i början men nu är det okej, skrattar han. Under åren i Norrköping har Racu visat upp en rad unika och främmande frisyrer. Färgen har skiftat lika ofta. - Jag har fått höra en del om mitt hår, ni svenskar är lite mer konservativa i valet av frisyrer. Har du alltid låtit håret avslöja hur du känner? - När jag var skadad ville jag inte ha något som stack ut. Då var jag nere, men det här visar att fotbollsäsongen snart börjar. Det är kul.

Årets säsong har alla förutsättningar att bli Petru Racus bästa i IFK-tröjan. Det har inte varit någon lätt resa så här långt. Många skador En axelskada tvingade honom till en operation första året. Den säsongen förstördes också av en krånglande ljumske. 2008 blev sönderryckt där Racu åkte in och ut i laget och sedemera lånades ut till finska MyPa. - Men det var bra för mig. Jag spelade de sista åtta matcherna med dom, det var nyttigt. Du tvekade aldrig att komma tillbaka till Norrköping? - Nej, det lät bra när de sa att de skulle satsa på unga spelare och jag kände direkt att den nya tränaren tror på mig.

 Göran Bergort har talat varmt om Racu sedan han tog över huvudansvaret. På försäsongen har han använt Petru i den defensiva mittfältsrollen. Att han gjort moldaven till förste straffskytt visar också att "Bogart" litar på sin mittfältare. - Det känns så. Jag har fått en roll som passar mig. I utgångsläget är jag defensiv men har frihet att gå framåt. Jag har fått självförtroende av att spela. Det är inte bara fotbollsspelaren Petru Racu som mår bra för tillfället. I somras gifte han sig med sin fru, modellen och tidigare bågskytten Mix Haxholm. Dags för nästa steg Racu stortrivs i Sverige och med tillvaron. - Jag är lycklig, men det är också ett viktigt år för mig fotbollsmässigt. När jag kom var jag en talang. Nu är det dags att ta nästa steg.

 Racu kom till Sverige efter att ha testat lyckan i spanska Racing Santander.

 IFK-fantasten Calle Ågren såg till att skjuta till pengar för att lösa Petru till "Peking". - Ahh...Calle, skrattar, Petru. Han är rolig, många säger att han är lite galen men det är för såna fans man vill spela. Han har ett stort hjärta. En religiös symbol hänger runt Petru Racus nacke. På frågan om han är troende nickar han ett svar och berättar: - Jag vill inte kalla mig för djupt religös men det händer att jag ber när jag är ensam. Kanske att en högre makt kan hjälpa Petru Racu och IFK Norrköping tillbaka till allsvenskan. Men sitter styrkan i håret lär det inte bli några större problem att vinna duellerna på mittfältet den här säsongen.

David Iwung, Folkbladet

Eat and enjoy!

I want to eat and I dont give a f-ck about how you think Im looking now, we feel great....

Love this pic


(pic from past modeling)

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