Ahmed Ahmed for PF

Up early for my morning cardio and after that I went straight to World Class gym, Norrköping were Proteinfabrikken had their photoshoot with some of Swedens top bodybuilder. It was a great day and experience being behind the scene for once. One of them was Mr Ahmed Ahmed coming all the way from Malmö. He is very well known and admired in the bodybuilding community in and he is soon of for New York the 7th September trying to qualifie for the Mr Olympic competition in Las Vegas. Ahmed is a really humble and nice guy and right now on a strict diet and in absolutely great shape. I wish him all the success. Thanks Ahmed for giving me some diet tips & advice for my future work.

Meeting Ahmed was really nice

They say behind a succesful man lies a strong woman..Ahmeds adorable wife

Check out Ahmed Ahmeds guest pose 2009!

Cosmopolitan girl

Home again and I have had a calm & great sunday just loading up for tomorrows morning cardio and another day of training....
Sharing a picture from my award a while ago..

nighty nighty

Packing again

Home again after the Estland trip but now I have to re pack my bags heading to Copenhagen, Denmark to do a modeling job for a couple of days. See ya soon again!

Congratulation to Anna and Stefan!!!!

Packing & preparing

Long sleep in, I need my beauty sleep since the taxi will pick me up at 5 am tomorrow. Time to run some arrends and get ready for my Estland trip tomorrow. Tonight I hope that the fotball game will go well for Petru and the team which is on the bus now to Gothenburg playing at 7 pm tonight.

Stormy Tuesday

Today I had nice cup of coffe  with my dear friend Titti before heading for my last archery practice before my Estonia trip. Boy it was stormy!!! But I manage to shoot an hour outside and went in to work on the basics.  A quick run before a dinner out. Thai food is just great!!!

A little ice cream treat after run...

Sunday games & Monday Interview

Sunday morning was archery competition in Eskilstuna and straight back home to watch Petru play home in Parken, Norrköping,in the evening. I really enjoy to see them win and I had a good day of progress on the competition field as well. 

Today I had a long interview with a nice reporter Mattias Hjälm from 24NT Norrköping.


Mix & Vestus at the field

Sunshine & friday, pumping up for another day of training.
A long afternoon to evening practice with dad and Vestus keeping me company and as you can see little puppy Vestus is not so puppy anymore..

Sharing 3 Shoots from the field this friday...

30 kg weightraining after practice

Yes I love you to!

Finally a perfect pose Vestus  soon celebrating 6 month

Enjoy your friday evening, I will !!

Thursday evening

11.30 Pm all day has past so quick, Im preparing for Estonia. I found 2 nice white shooting shirts at CUBUS today and order some swedish sunhat from Stadium that we can show off :) It was hail in town today but that didnt stop me to get down to my archery practice and enjoying my singing..
Petru bought a fresh baked budapest cake, a small bite before bedtime with some reading mmm Im toatlly worth it.. welcome friday im ready for you..

Night nighty

A Girly mix

Today was a free day with no training.  Waking up 8 am hungry, I had a my usual PF proteindrink, omega 3 and went back to sleep...
At lunch I manage to do a great pasta dish, im not the best in the kitchen but Im learning..
Rest of the day I have pampered myself from top to toe having my own SPA treatment at home which means occopying the bathroom for hours, & reading magazine about this autums trends, clothes and makeup. Nibbling on healthy snacks, drinking tea and getting ready to meet up dad to see some fotball in the evening, which was great fun. Petru scored one and they won big today.  8-2.

Me and a small part of my beauty kit... :) I admit, Im a bit vain and love good beauty products..

Sharing some favourite beauty products,
 Vaselin handcream for smooth archery hands :)
Clinique 7 day scrub, just love it
Bodyshop aromatic Total Energy bodywash & finish of with Coconut Body butter...mmm
Oliv facial mask

Waiting for my facial mask to dry, lets a have healthy snack

Rainy and cold outside, what to do? Getting my warm MANGO jacket and a refreshed Mix out ;)

Tired in a good way

The weather was great again on my archery practice, im working on gettiing use to some changes I have made to get some details in my technic better. So I been on the field all afternoon and than I had my favourite workout of the week, Bodybalance at World Class gym and Im so happy & thankful they want to keep on supporting me. I will be spending a lot of time their after the Estonia trip with dad that I have allowed to help me out and Im looking forward to it.

A cup of green tea and relaxing music and Im soon of to bed

Enjoying the sofa after another good day of training

Dont give up even if you have a bump in the road sometimes

Behind the scen

Yes! Another day of good weather, you appreciate it more when you live in Sweden and when you dont have Thailands luxurious weather all the time.
Time has just past by so quick after picking up my bow again in april and its a great feeling waking up in the morning and go train with my own purpose back in my mind. Not only to fulfill the tough demands in asia to fit into a TV & camera screen or modeling clothes. Living on popcorn, fruit & soymilk is done for me, my body deserve better than that..

Getting in shape the right way...

A la natural no make up goodmorning!  Big proteinshake with 5 g omega 3  before my run...

Not easy to be a thai model.....

Queen of Pop in Sweden

My long time idol and inspiration is in Sweden performing, all I can say is respect to this determined lady,

One of my favourite performances she has made..

Thank you so much World Class Gym!

Big Thank you to Robin Wickenberg and Franz Nietsch at World Class Gym in Norrköping gym for sponsoring in me commitment to the Swedish National Target Archery Championships that was be held 1-2 Aug in Malmö 2009. Im really Thankful for their support and  I hope you will continue to be a part of my commitment to reach my Olympic dream 2012 London.

TV 4 Sport 19.15

Petru is all the way in north sweden today where they will play todays fotball against Sundsvall. The game that will be aired in TV 4 sport 7.15 Pm. Im heading to Proteinfabrikken and later im looking forward for archery training getting  prepared for a FITA Round & Finals in Estonia 22-23 August. It will be my first visit to Estland, fun!

7.15 Pm I will be watching the game, cheering on at home!

Coming to
Järvakandi Open, Estonia 20 -24 August

Vestus is getting bigger....

Lets burn baby..

Yesterday evening was a great fotball evening at Parken, Norrköping with a 5-1 win against assyriska. I woke up today having a 2 PF rapid burn and a big glass of water and headed out with my ipod to have my powerwalk.
The rest of the day have been spent working and doing normal things that has to be done like cleaning, washing & going to the supermarket....yihha...

Henrik Lötstrand was so kind to send me some pictures from the Swedish National Target championships in Malmö, here are some of them...


Results Swedish National target outdoors Championships

This weekend it was time for the Swedish National Championships. I went to Gothenburg on friday to train with Göran Bjerendal that filmed me during a couple of shoots in a special camera in slow motion, There you cant hide anything! I saw some good things in my technique that made me more confident and some things I need to work on in future.

Saturday: Olympic round with 2 rounds of 36 arrows. It was warm and very tricky & windy conditions. I only managed to shoot 553 points wich gave me a 9th place but I was happy with the way I fought it through and went thrue the experience to be on a big competition again. After 4 years of non shooting archery and 4 month of practice I have to accept these reults now, go back home and work harder to become better next year championships!

Sunday Elimination round: I won the first elimation round but went out against my club mate Elin Kättström that continued to shoot strong from yesterdays 629 p. She went on to meet Christine Bjerendal in the gold match which Christine won by 106-99 points.

Here are some articles that was published in the newspaper about me and Elin
: NT/Elin & NT/Mix and Folkbladet
It was really fun that the local newspaper came down to Malmö to follow our archery comeptition!!!

Elin made a strong shooting with 629 points & taking the silver

Goldwinner Christine Bjerendal and me filling up with PF protein on these warm long competition days

Gatorade Tiger Focus was used for improved energy & focus kick!

Clips from team event. Christine & Göran Bjerendal and Sebastian Djerf.

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