Ahmed Ahmed for PF

Up early for my morning cardio and after that I went straight to World Class gym, Norrköping were Proteinfabrikken had their photoshoot with some of Swedens top bodybuilder. It was a great day and experience being behind the scene for once. One of them was Mr Ahmed Ahmed coming all the way from Malmö. He is very well known and admired in the bodybuilding community in and he is soon of for New York the 7th September trying to qualifie for the Mr Olympic competition in Las Vegas. Ahmed is a really humble and nice guy and right now on a strict diet and in absolutely great shape. I wish him all the success. Thanks Ahmed for giving me some diet tips & advice for my future work.

Meeting Ahmed was really nice

They say behind a succesful man lies a strong woman..Ahmeds adorable wife

Check out Ahmed Ahmeds guest pose 2009!

Postat av: Kitty

Hans diet ser inte ut att innehålla en Big Mac i alla fall. Yeeeeeee... hans fru måste vara lycklig att vara gift med herkules.. :D

2009-09-01 @ 19:40:33
URL: http://thekittycats.blogg.se/

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