Home in Snow

I left the wonderful hectic Bangkok yesterday and arrived in snowy arlanda. I was suppose to be on a meeting with the thai ministry regarding the calendar like the rest of the Leo Girls but if they want to have me there they just have to fly me back becasue Im planning to spend my christmas in my smalltown and release some behind the scen pictures in my blogg. Im excited to hear how the meeting has gone for them. I will keep ya updated

Enjoy day and thanks for all your comments!

Mixed Feelings around

The reaction is still strong after the pressrelease we had the 15 Dec, a politician had to resign after giving out the calendar to the goverment, a womens group have been protesting against it and there are questions if they will bring this court and if we will need to go there to, cant they see the double moral. Whatever the reaction is or what someone says or think, I love my body and the artistic bodypaint pictures.

TV- Clip from the pressrelease :

The Swedish media was writing about it today. Link:  AFTONBLADET &

Pressrelease for the Calendar 2010

Yesterday was a crazy day in Bangkok, I got cencured in the newspaper, the calendar got banned and we had Thai police stand by at the big pressrelease in the center of Bangkok. Today we were the "talk of the town" about these pictures that made the Thai people react  and it was a hot debate about this in the todays morning TV-news.....

We had to answered tough questions in the press yesterday because many thought that this was to provocative for the Thai people and Thai culture. Sometimes it is a conflict being mixed and not follow the traditional way. I rather do my own  choices without asking permission and advice to my Thai relatives, agents and managers like a good girl/woman should do in the Thai way, I have done it the past and I will never do it again, I had to cut the band to them to be able to do what I wanted to do. I absolutely love Thailand and im a proud being Thai because its my other part, let me embrace that my way.

Bodypaint is beautiful and Im so proud of the art that came out of this.



How one shoot can stir up so much emotion....




My "Maniac" Weekend

The Swedish Fitness Festival 2009 event is over and I had a blast! Thanks to Lisa and Sasha that inspired me by taking me to see Jerry Williams on friday before my premiere to see his show. Jerry is 67 and rocking like a king and the show was just great like the other dancers.  All I can say is that I really enjoyed the feeling being on stage and expressing myself, I have got a taste of it and like it...Thanks to Ove Rytter for giving me this chance and experience!

Lisa Arnold, me, Sasha Jean Baptiste

We are just fierce..

Finally I get to perform on stage!!!

I know I have not been on the blogg for a while. Becasue all my time and energy has been to working and getting ready for my first performance with one of my songs "Maniac"!!!!!!!!!!! Its been 4 years since I started my singing project and finally it will come alive and whats great is that I will perform together with 2 great dancers, Lisa Arnold from Urban Angels and talented Sasha Jean Baptiste who is also a a modell, stylist and been acting in Swedsich movies, so I feel very excited.

This opportunity came up 3 weeks ago and I have a short time to prepare everything and on friday we will rehearse together for the first time.

We will be performing on the big Expo stage and Proteinfabrikken stage saturday and sunday 5-6 Dec Gothenburg see the prgram here link: http://www.fitnessfestivalen.se/index.php?ID=29

Big Thanks to Jenny who inspires me and got me these great dancers, cheek out her supercool homepage at:


Jenny, just supertalented sexy dancer from Bounce and the face for Reebok

Im looking forward to get prepared with make-up and hair done from the Make-up store artist! Thank you!

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