My "Maniac" Weekend

The Swedish Fitness Festival 2009 event is over and I had a blast! Thanks to Lisa and Sasha that inspired me by taking me to see Jerry Williams on friday before my premiere to see his show. Jerry is 67 and rocking like a king and the show was just great like the other dancers.  All I can say is that I really enjoyed the feeling being on stage and expressing myself, I have got a taste of it and like it...Thanks to Ove Rytter for giving me this chance and experience!

Lisa Arnold, me, Sasha Jean Baptiste

We are just fierce..

Postat av: kitty

Saknar mina guldskor, HOPPAS ATT DU TAGIT VÄL HAND OM DEM! :D mahahah!

2009-12-09 @ 16:09:34

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