I had my last training at home with Elin this evening and probably the last windfree before the championships. Tomorrow I will pack and get prepared to  head down to Gothenburg to family Bjerendal. Im looking forward to train and chill with Christine that are back home from the World Games in Taiwan. Time has just been flying since I started to shoot in april but this week has gone so slow, I want to be in Malmö right now and challenge the wind and myself.

Me and Elin Kättrström, representing our hometown Finspång in the Swedish National target Championships in Malmö this weekend

Boldness has genius, power and magic in it... ;)

Ibra mania

Archery free day after a weekend with competition and a good training with Elin on sunday. While im in my world caught up with training and work one of my good childhood friend gets married and get her first child. Its moving and I wish them all happiness in these special moments in life.

Im inspired by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, following his growing career, attitude and his strong charachter I feel happy for him when I saw his historic pressconference on Tv tonight while he was greated by 50000 fans in Nou Camp, FC Barcelona. Sure Its a lot of money, politics and pressure involved but starting from  suburb area in Malmö, Sweden and to stand there tonight its just a amazing achievment.

Here are a clip from my training, enjoy :)


Winning my first 3D archery competition!!

Thanks to my friends at the my club and to Göran that convinced me into try a 3D competition a week before the Swedish National target championships that will be held next week. With one practice in the forest before the competition I was very happy with the experience and the result of today. It was a very nice break from my target practice and to find my shooting in the beautful forest and among the  3D animal which I really did. During the day you shoot on the total of 30, 3D animals, only 1 arrow on each, which means 1 chance. So you need to guess the right distance on the animal,  shoot in different position, trust your instinct and make the best of that 1 arrow.

 I won the competition and if I would be shooting among the men recurve I would have finished at 2nd place among 8 men, 8 points from the top. Not so bad for being my first 3D competition...

My first 3D animal, here we go...

First 15 points, which is center, outside center 12 points and hitting the animal 7 points

After 4 arrows in the stomach, the bear is still smiling and so are we :)

My last shoot animal of the day with 15 points and improved technical shooting, im happy with that and a total score with 362 points.  ( 170) + ( 192)

Prices and satisfied archers of the day

 Shooting from 9 am to 4 pm, walking all day in the forest and warm sun, I made sure I was prepared with PF protein &, energydrinks and Gatorade Tiger Focus in the afternoon to keep my concentration on top,

Freedom comes when u let go...

Today the Swedish National headcoach for recurve archers "Per Bengtsson and a training archer Anton Lundström  took a stop at my club and practiced with me. We practiced for 4 hours on 70m with great weather, Its always nice to have someone to practice, share experiences and ideas with it makes the sometimes the quiet archery field come alive and today it did. Thanks Per Bengtsson & Anton for sharing a fun practice day.

In Asia we always practice together while in Sweden we tend to stand to much alone and practice, we dont have a coach standing behind us all the time to correct and tell you what to do, so we have to find different way to make the best of our training and for me my videocamera is a great toll or working with a experienced archery mentor that understands your shooting like I feel Göran Bjerendal does with mine.  I also like to have other archers to train with, as archers we can always learn from each other no matter what level were on. In the end everyone wants to shoot that great shoot in deadcenter but we have different ways to reach it.  Always be open for advice from others but always pick the best things that works/ feels best for YOU and go for it.

Pictures taken by Henrik Lötstrand

I remember in my younger years when coaches try to give me positive  psychology tapes to listen to, I always feel a sleep listening to them...haha
 For me, music and inspiring lyrics is more enjoyable these days

Freedom comes when you learn to let go
Creation comes when you learn to say no

3D archery & Fotballevening...

Early morning, a PF proteindrink with a bowl with milk and branflakes and Im ready for a new day. I will be heading for archery training and practice on some 3D animale which is new for me but fun. Im a animal friend and could never shoot a real animaI but l want to vary my training and this is  a good way.
Today Im also looking forward to the see the fotball game between IFK Norrköping- Mjällby that will be played at 7.15 pm and broadcasted at TV 4 sport.  I hope the weather will keep on shining and that we will have a fun fotball evening,

Work hard and laugh a lot...

Celebrating Petrus 22nd birthday, archery training, yoga, swimming outdoor and laughing a lot at the cinemas are some things I have been doing this weekend.

Happy Birthday !!

Yes I Love cakes, they were as delicious as they look ;)


I laughed so much to this movie, it was hilarious, you go Sasha Baron Cohen you are a genius!!!

Gatorade Tiger Focus

Its evening and im baby sitting our puppy dog Vestus and my god he have been around our apartment biting and playing with everything he can find and finally he is having a nap and now I can show you the fun suprise I got when UPS came knocking on my door with a big package from Taiyo International inc, Usa they have a new exciting & interesting product out in collaboration with Gatorade and Tiger Woods, called "Gatorade Tiger Focus".

Gatorade Tiger is designed with athletes in mind, helping them to be as menthally tough as they are physically. With added vitamin E, 25 more electrolytes, low calorie, this formula helps you focus your mind and your body by providing hydration, energy and theanin and this very helpful for athletes performing sports that requires strong focus and concentration as archery. I will try it out in my training and for the Swedish National Target Championships,

Thanks to Taiyo International inc, for sending me a nice suprise.

Great start of the week

Days passes by and I have been practicing my archery, keeping up my jogging and finally I can start blogg again after having to figure out the much different function with my new macbook.

 I had a great start of the week when I had a visit to  Proteinfabrikken to pick up some new products for the Championships in 2 weeks.  Yesterday night was a fotball evening in Parken, Norrköping, thanks Ingmar Davidsson for inviting me to dinner at  the restaurant at Parken before the game & keeping me company with Lilli that was just excited to see the game as me. We finally to took 3 points at home,Petru scored  2 goals at penalty a front of the 4245 audience that was there cheering at the win with 5-1 against Falkenberg. It was just a a great sports evening when hard work pays off and things goes your way.

Links to to read and see clip from the game: Folkbladet & Video clip from NT

Summer, samba,  sport yep I love it

Back in buisness

Weekend its over and Its less than a month to the swedish national target championships that will be held in Malmö 1 -2 August.  Its been great to have a 3 week  break from the intense competitions to enjoy some time in Moldova & swedish warm summer.

The last Swedish Championships I shoot was in 2003... so It will be exciting and fun to be there again..

Stadium Sports camp

Today me and Elin Kättström was invited to shoot at the Stadium Sports camp in Norrköping together with the very postivie kids that was interested to try our cool sport!  I was so impressed by the  Stadium sports camp organising a summer camp for the kids were they can try out all kinds of sport, games and activities and kids are coming from all over the region. We had a fun competition, interview and the kids forced med into the studio were we could record a song together which I was happy that they did. It was a long time since I spent so long time with a group of kids and I had almost forgotten how much positive energy and inspiration they give me. Thanks all of you for sharing this great day with me.

 Having a fun interview, the reporters were great

Just charming curious audience

Say aaaaarrrccheerrryyy!!!!

Forcing me into the studio were we recorded a popsong together

Hit it !!

I like this, kids having opportunity to try out this cool sport!

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