No whitening products

Finally Im getting better  from my cold that has been stuck with me all week!! The weather is Sweden is warm  and I was heading to get a tan outside...yes a tan thats whitening products for me :)       

Me, Petru and my brother John had our big opening on the minigolf field which is serious buisness on a sunday.

                          John had a rough day at the field, he was heading to the dishes at home......






Home again and recovering from fever and cold, finally fixing the computer that have been crashed for a couple of days.

 I grew up dancing, skating and singing to Michael Jackson songs and I think everyone have a memory through his music no matter wich country you live. Thanks Michael for sharing your talents to this world.

Grandmothers with Russian Vodka

In Moldavien most of the people growe their own grapes outside their home and do their own wine, as my father in law. Moldavien reminds me of France in so  many ways, here they prepare their own food, vegetable  and fruits that they grow mostly themself and a glass of wine is combined almost at every meal. But my relatives reminds me that Im in East when I saw a sign at the restaurant that guns were not allowed inside and that the grandmothers here drink russian vodka like I drink juice..... 
They have a saying in East that a man should prove things in life, build a family, build a house and growe a family tree..

Their own grapevine by the house

Dorin preapring the fish he caught 

One of their many cherry and peach trees

Boniski with her 7 puppies that I just want to hug all days

Nostalgi from Saharna

Early morning and we were heading to the town Saharna that are 98 km from Chisinau. Petrus father is from this town and here Petru spent almost all his summers as a child. The church that is hidden in the valley  has been around since 1495 and one top attraction is to hike up to the top of Saharna to see the beautiful view of all town and so we did....

At the top of Saharna, the moldovan call it the "The Step of St Maria"

Petru and his father show me around in the nice forest

Drinking springwater from the Saharna forest

After long hiking we had  a great excuse to have a stop on the way home to Chisinau to enjoy delicious moldovan food. Beautiful nature, sun, clean springwater and warm company makes this midsummer just great.

Moldova Winery

Moldavien is famous for their winery and Petrus family took me to show one of them, CHATEAU VARTELY, wine, Culture and Leisure Resort  which was very interesting and fun to see.  

Keeping a lot of wine in the basement

Moldovan wine in progress

Choosing the goodies....

Summer in Moldova

After 4,5 hours of flight we arrived in Chisinau, Moldova.  The summer is here and Im enjoying to meet my moldovan family and getting introduced to the their food, culture and beautiful nature.

Some of the traditional Moldovan food, mamaliga, fish and salad

Moldova have many beautiful churches

impressive handmade painting

All the women in Moldova ware a silkscarf on the head when visiting the church

Graduation & Competition Weekend

     My stylish brother John on the traditional school ball

                      John graduation, congratulation im so happy and proud of you!!!

Archery Weekend
I spent my Saturday and Sunday on the competition field. The summer has not arrived yet in sweden so Im experience the scandinavian cold, wind and rain but Im having fun and every competition feels like a great progress for me. I started to shoot 17 april 2009 and I have made 5 competition so far. If you want to follow my results here are the links from my competitions.

23 - 24 May Gothenburg
31  May Huskvarna
6 June  Hallsberg
13 June Södertälje
 14 June  Nyköping

                          Photographer: Henrik Lötstrand

     Bags are packed and in 4 hours I will be on a flight to Moldavien that I have never been to before,
      after training and competing for weeks we look forward for a rest..
Kitty, be gentle to the apartment.....

Miles Away

Im preparing for another day of practice and thanks to my friends in Thailand that are supporting and keeping in touch. I miss you all and I hope to come back again. My dear friend Petit Cheri, Miss Thailand World 2004 2nd runner up, shared me some pictures from her appearance for Volvo last week. Just as me, she is mixed and we have both struggled with the cultur differences, living in Thailand, coming from  a different cultural background and being a young woman.  Even if we  fight everyday for our opionion, way and have had many obstacles and injustice but we  feel lucky that we have the best from two worlds and that we can share our situation even though we live in different countries right now.

  Petit Cheri apperance for VOLVO

                              Petit Cheri first thai Movie appearance 2008

Sending you girls kisses & hugs from Sweden, I be back...

World Class time

 I was feeling good after cleaning and fixing at home and after a nice jogging I was looking forward for one fo the highlights in my week and that is my 1 hour bodybalance at World Class. Bodybalance is a unique blend of  yoga,  thai chi, and pilates.
Our teacher always use inspiring and calm music and you  challenge your strenght and stretch with help of your breathing.

A strawberry PF whey tech proteinshake and some yummie fruits and Im ready for a good book and bedtime

Carpe Diem

My 23rd archery practice.

After having a inspiring conversation and feedback with my mentor Göran Bjerendal I was eager  to go to practice this morning. It was very windy at  70m but I really enjoyed it  and I felt more stronger when the shoots were more smooth and easy when I continued to work on the positive things I brougt back from Hallsberg. 

I was visiting my sister Kitty that is renovating and moving to a new nice apartment and today my  brother John  is all dressed up for the  traditional school ball tonight. Final in Project runway tonight, time just fly and all I can say is carpe diem.

I never went to the traditional school ball but I can always dress up when I want...... :)

Photographer: Mickael Silkeberg, Stockholm
Stylist : Daniel Lugo

Video clips from FITA round in Hallsberg

Sunday 7 June and the European Parliament election, 2009 so dont forget to go and put your vote, I will.

  Thanks to Henrik Lötstrand that send me these cool clips of yesterdays archery competition on the Swedish National day 6 June..  Enjoy :)

Me and Mallin Wallin shooting at 50 m in sun


Me shooting at 30 m in heavy rain

30 m in Hail......and as they say: Though times dont last tough people do..

FITA ROUND in Hail...

I was heading for my 2 nd full FITA round competition in Hallsberg and we had to cope with all weather changes, from warm sun,some wind to full rain and hail in last distance of 30m.  It was so cold in the end  we were walking in water and everyone was fighting to the end of this day.

I shoot 1207 points and finished on 4th place. The winner of female recurve had 1260 p. 
Overall I was quite  happy with my performace especially at 60m and 50m were I discover some positive things in my technic and working method that I will continue to develop. Today I was aware of my shooting muscles in the way I wanted even though I was a bit tired in the end. The most important thing I will bring from this is the inner sense of being in controll with my choices for my progress :) Hanging up my wet clothes from the day and taking a PF Protein casein night drink for recovery, I need it :)


Check out the ground, in thats just a little water,,, but we are still happy .
Me, Jakob and Renee

Hanging up my wet clothes from the day and taking a  PF Protein casein night drink for recovery, I need it :)


Appreciate every breath

A week past really quick and I have thought about the 13 year boy that was a refugee in my hometown Finspång. He had been in Sweden for 8 month and beginning school. He drown in the beginning of this week and gives you a reminder of how fragile life can be. We have all lost someone we love and  felt pain. But we most move on for them. Im thankful Im still healthy and can still do what I love to do. Me and Petru just came home from the cinemas seing Angel & Demons and eating yummie Thai food upon that. Renee is picking me up 6.30 am tomorrow morning so Its bedtime, warm up 9.... Have a great friday!
Here is a poem I want to share:


Not Christian or Jew or muslim, not Hindu,
Buddhist, sufi or zen. Not any religion

or cultural system. Im not from the East
or West, not out of the ocean or up

from the ground,not natural or ethhereal,not
composed of elements at all.I do not exist,

am not an entity in this world or the next,
did not descend from Adam and Eve or any

origin story. My place is placeless,a trace
of the traceless. Neither body or soul.

I belong to he beloved, have seen the two
worlds as one and that one call to and know,

first, last,  outer,inner, only that
breath breathing
human being.

Fixing my arrows

I was back at the jogging track again this morning

Loading up for tomorrows FITA ROUND with fruits and products from Proteinfabrikken

Weekend soon!!

I woke up early to go practice and It was storm and rainy at the field, so I decided to stay inside and work on my basic for the competition on saturday which will be on The Swedish National day 6 June. I felt much better and I started to feel my shooting feeling again so I decided not to shoot that much and stop when I felt like I wanted to shoot more just to keep the motivation for next time.  Im feeling better and almost completely free from my cold and maby tomorrow I will have go for a light jogging. It s a fine line to keep the right balance with your mind & body and its important that you learn to listen to both of them everyday.
Petru is wondering why so many  young people are going around with  white hats and are looking happy. My brother explained it to him and next week I will see my younger brother John run out with his white hat and graduate from college, im so proud of him I hope he enjoy his last week with all his friends.

Time to eat some dinner, yummie shrimps with Petrus homemade summer salad.

Getting back on track

 The massage felt really good and I was very stiff. Today Im feeling much better. A PF strawberry proteinshake, sandwich and sun outside Im looking forward for my archery practice. First Im going to the library were I found a book about the poet Rumi that I find interesting. Rumi is able to verbalize the highly personal and often confusing world of personal/spiritual growth and mysticism in a very forward and direct fashion. He does not offend anyone, and he includes everyone. The world of Rumi is neither exclusively the world of a Sufi, nor the world of a Hindu, nor a Jew, nor a Christian; it is the highest state of a human being — a fully evolved human. A complete human is not bound by cultural limitations; he touches every one of us

Picture from Gothenburg

Thai Massage

I still have a cold and I should have paid more attention to my body last week. I have a tendency to train to hard but now I will learn from my mistake. My next competition will be on saturday and I will rest today and looking forward to Thai massage.

When it comes to my weight training I will slow that down since doing that to much makes you loose the shooting feeling and I totally did that the last competition and that makes you loose the fun. I promised my self that if I would come back to the competition field again I would do it my way and manage my own training so I have to kick myself back in that direction again so thanks everyone that wants to help me out with advice in the gym, but I now I will handle it myself. Im my own coach and I know whats best for me and thank God I have a my husband that supports me the way I want.

IFK Norrköping vs FC Väsby United

Im home recovering from my cold and getting down to continue work with my Music project.  Later at 7 pm I will go and cheer  when  IFK Norrköping will be playing in Parken. 

Petru Racu enjoying a training in the sun

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