HRH Princess Sirivannavari mixing sport and Art

Im a big fan of HRH Princess Sirivannavari, she is a inspiration in many ways and shows that you can mix sport and Art in a beautiful way. We both represented Thailand during the 23rd Sea Games in the Philiphinnes 2005 and now she have moved on as a passionate succesful Fashion designer. Read her unique storie.

HRH Princess Sirivannavari representing Thailand during the 23 rd Sea games, Philiphinnes.

Princess Sirivannavari
has many interests in the field of arts and sports. The princess has represented Thailand in badminton at 23rd SEA Games in the Philippines, following the footstep of her grandfather, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who has represented the country in international sporting events.

Princess Sirivannavari received her primary and secondary education at Chitralada School. She currently studies fashion and textile in the Faculty of Fine and Applied Art, Chulalongkorn University.
 In 2007, she was invited by Pierre Balmain, the French couturier, to present her fashion show in Paris. Her debut Paris collection was Presence of the Past, which drew on memories of her grandmother as well as giving a modern twist to Thai traditional costume.

I personally love the collections she have made and this year collection "Ethnic Rock Summer/Spring 2009" is so cool and inspiring

Take time to visit her faboulos homepage and get inspired !!

HRH Princess Sirivannavari in Paris


This cross culture theme serves as a underlying concept of SIRIVANNARIS Spring/Summer 2009
Womens ready-to-wear-collectiom. This collection integrates the primal power of ethnic culture with the brash energy of rock culture. The collection is a crystallaization of ideas derived from various sources of inspiration: heavy rock music from the 70-80s and bondage style by noted photographers. As the marriage of two distinctivly different cultures is known to be a trademark of SIRIVANNARI.

Former Miss Thailand World 1996 "Cindy", successful Model in Thailand showing SIRIVANNAVARI collection

Srivannavari Creative Director, HRH Princess Sirivannavari Naritanana states that :

 "during my research on ethnic costumes and rock cultures. I noticed that braiding, weaving, knotting and biding are widely found in ethnic costumes. I incorporated those techniques into my collection to create a bold new which can clearly be seen in the blouses with distinctive weaving. As for the rock inspiration, I reinpretend the key element like silhuohette, sensation and style-biker structure, frill,studding and zips to create eyecatching forceful effects such as leather folded into origami patterns and centered mettalic stud"

Working in Stockholm

9.30 am I was on the train on my way to Stockholm to have a meeting with George. I really looking forward to meet him and give him my suprise to his Babygirl Poppy. I found this outfit yesterday and it was totally irresistible.

A skinjacket and a Rollingstones sweater for a 7 month babygirl..the coolest babygirl in town, now she rocks with her dad!

He took me to a Cafe around Odenplan called "Mix It Up"... :) 
 Were we started to prepare our upcoming Music projekt.

At Lunchtime we met up with Andrew that work as photographer. Traveling and working a lot around Asia, he has many years of experience and it felt great to brainstorm with him as well.
 Andrew, Thank you for the nice Italian Lunch, time, input and ideas.

As a finish me and George went to another cafe and listen to some new songs and beats.. I was thrilled and I cant wait to go back home working with a mindset to get back in the studio.

Listening to some new ideas.... I love it!!!

Me and George will POP you!!

Heading home after a giving day

Time for bed soon, I  read some gossip on the internet about my Love and his new haircut where they wrote:
Take De niro in Taxidriver and add it 2 times and you have a brown Mohawk - deluxe. The midfielder looks highly dangerous...

I hope my liubliu enjoying his time in Turkey



Saturday was fotballday and me and dad  went to see when my  love played. With his new punk haircut he scored 1-0 after a penalty but IFK Norrkoping lost against Mariehamn 2-1 in the end. 
After the game we went to visit my danish grandmother and we brought her some cake, wich she loves. I have not visit her for a while so it felt so nice to see her again. She lives home in my dad house together with our  13 year old rottweiler "Prince". I was looking forward to the sushi I had bought in the foodstore, I will never do that again.. it was juckkie!! Go get fresh one from the restaurant if u want it.  We did think about the "Earth hour" and put down the lights and had candle light, also remembering to move the clock forward 1 hour to summertime, less sleep in during the morning.....hmmm

Me and grandma enjoying Swedish strawberrycake

13 year old "Prince", Thank to C-Flex he is still going strong


My love is going to a training camp 1 week with his team IFK Norrköping. They fly off to Alanya, Turkey today and will stay Club Grand Side **** all inclusive,  not so bad for preparing a team before the season, but they deserve it and will playing a game on friday againt Åtvidaberg. So hard training and some sun.

 Im going early to Stockholm tomorrow to have a meeting with George and Andrew about the Music projekt, and im really looking forward to discuss about it and move the next step forward.

Flying off to Alanya, Turkey

outside my window..

Cold wind and snow.

A cup of green tea to come in flow..


Lovely friday to day I will go sleep early, my muscle aches

Passion for Figureskating and my idol Ekaterina

World Figureskating Championshiop have started and I follow as much as I can. As a former figureskater I just love the sport, it has everything. Technic, charisma, acting and music.  Its such a art to become a top skater.
Even though I do Archery and Music I got a lot of inspiration from the figureskaters and their stories to reach the top.

Thanks Ekaterina for me being such a rolemodel for me.

Some of my Inspirational Athlets, legends from past.
It will take long time until next generation of great figureskaters will come again.

Alexei Yagudin, Russia

Everyone has a idol that they look up to and for me Ekaterina is that woman I admire and inspires me in Life..

Ekaterina and Sergei Gordeeva

Oksana Baiul, Ukraine

Michelle Kwan, Usa

Phillip Candeloro, France


mmmm... home after a yummy dinner at Golden Thai restaurant.  My love thought I have been working out to much and suprised me with dinner out.  I even had a regular Coke, yeah party!
I went to the spa to pluck ones eyebrow, things you just let someone else fix to get a great lift.
Even though I spend my time mostly in boiler suite, training around a women need to spoil herself now and then.

I miss the SPA in Thailand..

Snow on a tuesday...

It was snowing when I woke up, It didnt stop me from my morningwalk and enjoying putting on my favourite "Madonna" boots when I went to town.

Outside on my balcony with todays outfit....

Digging my F- ck me boots as they call them in Sweden?

No one can escape the media pumping out that its hard time and financecrise around the world. So be thankful for all the small things in everyday life that makes you happy and the small steps you make to come closer to your dreams.
After rain comes sunshine...

Love The Art in You, not yourself in The Art

Sometimes Its good that its cold, snowing and grey outside. When you are sicken tired of being filled with superficial information and you have pushed yourself with training for today.  When a warm bath, a good book and some deeper thoughts fills your mind on a monday evening..

Things I do care about...

I do not care about who you work with. I want to know what you yearn for, and if you dare to do what your heart dreams of.

 I do not care how old you are. I want to know if you are willing to risk everything for love, for your dreams, for the adventure it means to live.

 I do not care about the position of the planets is proportional to your stars. I want to know if you felt sad, if life's setbacks make you open or you dwindle and signed up for fear of future pain.

 I want to know if you can approach the pain, my or your own, without trying to hide it, make it smaller  or fix it. I want to know if you can approach the pleasure, my or your own
 -if you can dance, wild with happiness that fills you  without worrying about being cautious and realistic, and without thinking about the limitations it is to be human.

I do not care if the story you tell is true. I want to know if you can make someone other disappointment in order to remain true to yourself, if you can bear the accusation of betrayal without betraying your own soul. I want to know if you can be faithful and therefore trustworthy. I want to know if you can see beauty even on a gray day.

I do not care about where you live or how much money you have. I want to know if you can get up after a night filled with anxiety and despair, when you are tired the way to the marrow, and do what needs to be done.

I do not care about with whom or where you have studied. I want to know what builds you up from the inside when all else is crumbling. I want to know if you can be alone with yourself and if you think about the society that offers solitude. I do not care about who you know or how it is that you are just here. I want to know if you can endure to stand in the middle of the fire with me without recoil.

Never stop question.....

Archery and Pop why not?

My day started with  had a long sundaymorning  walk with Tina. There were so many people in the park before Its started to snow!, I have been watching a program about Japan which is a place I would love to visit one day. I have always been curious about trying the sport Kyudo, it looks so elegant with their dresses and  traditional bows. Japanese food is a favourite of mine and I think they would like some of our future mixed pop music as well.


Focus and simplicity

Along with my vocal practice I would like to get a target up in our apartment so I can shoot some with my bow as well. I contacted the local archery club here and they seemed positive to borrow me a target that I can put up next week so Im looking forward to that.

 Me and George Will Pop you!
I feel very positive and confident working with my producer George Nakas at Forty 4s and I will work hard to get our Music out and show some people that have had doubt  and judge me becasue of my age and obstinate descision to do it my way.
 When I was 10 years old the doctor told be that I should not do Archery becasue of my tendensy to skolios. Im happy that I didnt listen to the doctor.  I want to Thank all of those who had some doubt in me.  It makes me work harder  and make me learn to question myself more.  Maby they should do that sometimes as well...

What I like with Archery is that we dont have any particular age limit, like swimmers, figurskaters or gymnastic you can still be at a high level after 30 and we dont have problems with doping like other sports which im very proud of.

Hope you enjoy your weekend... ;)

Fotballday and reflection..

 My moldavien spouse, cloud number 9 were playing home today against Degerfors wich ended 2-2. I was hoping for some sun, standing in the cold wind keeping my fingers crossed but nope, no sun!

 I get more nervous to be the one outside the pitch and I can only hope for the best without being able to do nothing. Now I know how my close ones must feel when I compet.

Can you walk as good as you talk....
After the exam I have taken some days to have a mental recovery and just train.  It feels good that its over and that I finally took time for my studies.
 At the age of 17, I became a proffesional Archer and competed for Thailand for 4 years. It was a tough time traveling, competing and living alone together with a proffessional women team in Seoul, Korea for almost 5 month during a bitterly cold winter. I was breathing, sleeping and living Archery at that time and it was like experience the military service. I missed out on normal things like friends and school and instead I entered the School of Real life and that cant be taught or experienced from a academic school. You just have to learn to walk the walk, be creative and get around all kinds of different charachters out there.
There are to many out there that just talk so well, but when it comes to real performance they just suck and that I speak from my experience as a student in the School of real life, were I have not graduated yet...

Judge at the Thai National Archery Championships, October 2008 Bangkok, Thailand

Spring Trends from East..

Im having a  break before my vocaltraining. A friend emailed me some tips of what is Best of Bangkok 2009 so I thought I would share with you. The winners are named in the current issue a great site for you that are planning to visit Thailand.


Sunday brunch
: Four Seasons
Outdoor dining: Vertigo
 Italian food: Zanotti
Buffet: Oishi Grand
Drinking: Q Bar
Chilling: Nest
Live music: Saxophone 
Happy hour: Coyote on Convent
 Spa: Health Land
Resort: Let's Sea 

In the Make-up world the Retro reds are still hot and dashes of other rich hues on your lips.Natural a la nude is also trendy and Im mentioning them because thats what I like.

Thailand is called the land of smile but Its also crazy for make-up and Fashion Magazine. LIPS , IMAGE and VOLUME is the biggest ones amongs many more..

Even if Its still cold here and It seems far away to beach 2009 they have already start to warm up in Thailand..


Some Swedish Yellow/Blue Concept

Spring is coming...

Hello there.
A touch of spring is coming to town and of course I had to talk a big walk in the morning. I feel privilige to live near to such as nice park. Its quiet, private and close to nature, just the right place to find energy and brainstorm.  A big change from living in Bangkok, were the town never sleeps and were the weather dont change so much.

I live more simply here, I do my vocaltraining, having 10 min to my extra work, 10 min to downtown and  5 min to the Fotballpark were my love trains. I skip the traffic jams, subway and having big distances were ever I go. When I started to take singing lesson I took me 1,5 hour to get into Bangkok,  but It was worth the ride, I enjoyed it so much and my teacher encourage me to continue and thought I had talent.  Its important to encourage yourself and other everyday to try something new and to step out of the traditional box.  Thats when things starts to happen that you didnt expect or plan.

Were I take my lovely powerwalks...
( I took these pictures this morning today  )

From Sweden to Bangkok and home again..

I work extra in a calling center sometimes.

I call around and make research under the name Helena and ask people about their radiolistening. Here I dont need to put any makeup on, I just sit comfortable in my boiler suit and use my voice while Im drinking a lot of green tea which im addicted to.

You come to all kinds of people and sometimes it can be quite amusing when you try out to be a different character. Its nice to live in a smaller city where you can be a bit anonymous and I love the contrast that from one day I can be rewarded as the "Sport Role Model Woman Award 2008", fly down to Thailand with Thai Airways that always treats me like a queen and pick up a price. Landing 6 am in the morning after a 11 hour flight and go to the stylist to get prepared for all the Thai media a couple of hours after. Stay for 3 weeks in the spotlight to work and fly back home and go, natural in a boiler suite were nobody can recognise you or give a shit.

Well I was not born with a golden spoon in my mouth and I didnt want to get marry to a older richer man that all of my thai relative wished for after winning my Miss Thailand title. Go shopping all days, be on high society partys, be controlled and always have to ask your eldery relatives about every decision in your own Life! Otherwise you are a bad girl. Trying to adapt myself to fit in everywere was not my thing anymore and one day I just had the courage to finally leave my painful relationship and the people who gave me bad influences to take controll over my life again. I say Thank you for the Music for bringing me out from the stupefying environment.

TV Interview with 2 mixed Danish/Thai Girls ( Alexandra Stybert and me :)

Signing Autograph...


My love, cloud number 9 is playing against BK Forward with IFK Norrköping at Behrn Arena in Örebro later at 7 pm today.

Keeping my fingers crossed for him and the team.


If you dont respect ,how can you love?

I had lunch in town and it was some thaipeople sitting across our table. Its funny when they dont know that you speak Thai and you just cant help to hear to their conversation. A mother and a daughter with boyfriend and friend. I wonder if it was a lunch for her mother to approve her boyfriend.

 Im so happy I dont need that. But Its a choice I made and from that moment I took that I was the black sheep in the family. Stupid, young, irrational, fat and so many more things I have been said to me from my own relatives when I lived in Thailand. I dont judge, I just speak from my experience, at my time in Thailand when my aunt was my controlling Manager.

 Once you say No! stand up for yourself they want to put you down, why Its so? Beacuse they care? Well if they cared they have listen to how I felt when I came come from embassady dinner with drunk top politician discussed to me that I should be more cooperative like the other celebrity Thaiwomen and I responded by telling him that, I was just fine with not being so popular because I dont like to spread the legs on command like guys like him that try to compensate his complex with money and power.

I was never invited again..haha

Im tired to shut up and dont speak about the mental abuse they can put on young women. Even if you become Miss Thailand your are not safe. Im not a piece of meat you can use and treat as you wish and then go to the temple to pray to make you feel better. Smile and keep eveything inside is the saying and respect the old, even if they treat you like shit and with no respect. And you wonder why so many women in Thailand end up selfdestructed, taking Visa for Love and seeing foreigners as walking ATM bank maschine. Because without money or title you cant provide for your relatives and if you cant, you end up without any relatives on your side. Im happy that I turn my ass around and walk away before they wanted to destroy me more and feed me to the sharks. If they dont like it. All I can say is: I dont give a f-ck.


To Namfon and her baby boy that arrived yesterday! Me and Namfon have been friends since the Miss Thailand World pageant 2003. She was my friend and survival kit when I couldnt speak so good Thai. She always helped me around when we worked intensly during 1 year toghether and being in the mediaspotlight.

 We had to keep ourself skinny and having a perfect image which meant that we couldnt go out party for a year. Having a a perfect Image seems like a rule in Thailand.
 It was living on the buss, flying around to different provinces in, visiting childrens home and working with charity. We were always fighting on the bus when she wanted to listen to Thaimusic on the radio and I on english Music and we were always hungry and had to say "No Thanks" when somebody that we visit asked if we wanted something to eat. Becasue we had to move to next project and save time. There were not a day when they didnt commented about our weight. Which I could go crazy on, because for me, coming from Sweden that was so rude! But Namfon told me that It was so common like the phrase "How are you doing", in Thailand and that they are asking becasue of being friendly.. hmmmm ok..

 Namfon was the 2nd runner up in Miss Thailand World pageant and has been acting and modelling for many years. She got married last year to Russel from England and I attended the big wedding in Thailand that was held on the Marriot Hotel, Bangkok. She is very independent, goes her way, outspoken and for some Thai men and women to "foreign". But for me she is just a women that tries to live a Life she wants and not  follow the norm that the older generation in Thailand say we should live and be.

You cant expect privacy  if you are a celebrity and are getting married in Thailand.
 When we attended the wedding the media wanted to follow the procedure during the evening when we had the dinner, speach and dance. So Tv-kameras around in one of your biggest moment in life. Namfon was prepared and handle it  very well.  Im wondering  if I could have handle it as briliant as she did.


Marriott Hotel, Bangkok Thailand

Easy Sunday..

Sundays is for rest, and so I have. I saw this young 19 year  woman Therese Larsson in the Sport News that trains 40 hours a week and want to be best in world in Gymnastik. She has a Russian coach that helps her and right now she is in Baltikum. I admire her determination and passion to go for it, in a sport thats not so popular in Sweden. And in a countrie were I feel that in some sport they still are pampering the athlet and having bad excuses for not taking it to the higher level. When they just simply need to train more, and have better coaches that gets 100% involved with the athlet and not just come around when Its time for championships.
 I see myself in her when I use to be a proffesional and was training that amount as well.  I was called a bit crazy in the Archery community in Sweden because I trained so hard, but there are no fast roads to the top, you just have to go through it.

La Voix! Look at their performance not age!

My saturday consist of cleaning and organising, home and my closet.  It really feels good when you done. And I deserved to have a little powerwalk and watching som Tv in the evening

 I took a time  out to watch the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest. It was so tight until the end and my favourite Malena Ernamn won with La Voix!, The big voice, the song and a performance that just radiate confidence!! you deserve it! And I love that with the age of 39 she still can rock and outcast the others, as well as Carolina af ugglas at the age of 36, that also had a great performance and was in 2nd place.

In Thailand Its really hard as a woman to be in the entartainment buisness at that age. When you ar 23-30+ you are considered to be "2nd hand" and only get the acting roles to play a mother. So many have said to me that in my age I should settle down, get married rich and have family becasue Im getting old?! For who!? Maybe for the industry and culture that need to change their view on women. Maybe its because the younger women dont question so much, they just feel lucky to have a foot in. But when they really start to become more confident and grow in theire role and become more independent and put higher demand, Its not so popular. Because you are in  a countrie were the men dominate. Maybe you cant change a countrie or culture, but you can change your own view on things and not take in the negative influences. Its always a choice!
We should become more egual and stop judge the women so hard by the age. I always tell them so many example of women in west that can be respected and succesful not judge by their age. Madonna is  great example but not the only!

If someoen ever tells you that you are to old to do what you like, Just think! Well, Not for me your narrowminded s-cker. Thats What I do ;)

Godnatt Sweden..

Tea, Tv and just chill...

Time for powerwalk..

Keeping eyes on me....

Friday finally and time to resume the week. It has been intense for the exam and now Its time to have a mini recovery to get energised to move forward. My producer had a meeting with a good connection that we meet thrue the Amazing Taste of Thailand Event, and they brainstormed for 1,5 hour wich was great. We want to think outside the box to get the music out and be in creative controll.

We wanted to take over the domain that my last producers bought 2007 and was suppose to be released now in April. When we checked it up they had registred an bought the site again until 10 April 2010. We are very curious what their intensions and reason are for keeping it so long.
 Maybe they are following my faboulus blogg and are seing Im back again and in work in progress.... Either way I take it as a compliment as they are keeping their eyes on me and are willing to pay a domain on my name until 2010. Im happy that I have choosed to cut of so many snakes I had around me before and learned from that. What doesnt kill you makes you stronger.

I went to the library and borrowed some material today to get more familiar with Russian language.  I personally like the east culture/philosophy alot since many of my favourite figureskaters come from east and since my second half is from Moldavien I want to be able to speak to his family when I will meet them this summer.

I got a special message last night....

This night I could not sleep so good, I was thinking to much about future and planning. When I started to pray in my mind I suddenly saw my first Archerycoach that I had when I was 10. He trained and cared for me during 12 years. He just  came to me in my dream and said he was fine, that he is watching over me, to keep my bowarm steady when I will start shoot again and he was laughing and saying: please Mix, try to be a bit more organised. Because that was always my weak point.
 Before he died he always wanted to tell me something at the hospital but he could not when he got the stroke. He lost his speech and ability to write. The last night I visit him in the hospital I kissed his forehead and whispered to him that we would see each other again. He passed on a couple of hour after that.  I still regret that I didnt Thank him enough for what he did and ment for me. It felt so close and I just started to cry in the middle of the night,  sad, relifed and happy at the same time. Knowing tha he is fine and that he could talk again.

 So I re-organising my officie room because now I have accomplish my goals for last year, wich was taking my Swedish driving License, complete my IATA travel agent course and wait for my last Music contract to end so I could sign with Forty 4s.

 And "get more organised" was the message this night so now I want to try improve that.  I have heard the saying that Life is happening while you are planning, and that is so true. Im going to bed early and I think I will fall a sleep much better tonight.

Are you keeping yourself warm...

I just started blogging in february and If you want to read my previous happening, you can go to

I woke up at lunch time, exhausted from yesterday. I always feel a bit empty the day after I have performed and done something that I have prepared for so intense. I just rest, reflect and  want to think about the next goal I want to achieve and plan for that. Im a bit restless so I need something to dream and imagine about while im doing the daily choires. I was talking to my producer George to continue our work and ideas forward. So far blogging is great there is so many things I want to ventilate sometimes.

 It was cold and snowing in the afternoon when I walked to see my love play with his team  IFK Norrköping against Inter Åbo. They won with 2-0 and was playing well. I hope they will keep up the good work and flow throughout the season this year. Soon they will go to warm Turkey for their training camp. Lucky him :) But  they deserve it.  Tomorrow I will get back to my vocaltraining and powerwalking, so time for my beautysleep.

300 Questions and some Sushi

4 hour of sleep a proteindrink and a apple. Arriving to Stockholm and getting to the Franch Schaus School to get registred with another 100 people, wake myself up with redbull and write the 3 hour IATA exam with 120 question in the morning. Lunchbreak and another 180 more question on 3 hour on afternoon. It was so cold in the classroom and I was shaking. But I was so proud of myself to get through this with all the preperation all week. A "Good Luck Mix" note from Carmen on my bench for the 2nd test made warmer.

Now I just have to pray that I will have the luck on my side and pass. We will get the results from Canada in May. Me and a friend went to a japanese restaurant to reward ourself with Sushi and chocolate. The train ride home after 6 hour of focus can make you so childishly goofy and laughy. Tired but yet happy becasue you gave the best you could for today.

I want to Thank Katarina Nygren on Swe Travel Institute in Eskilstuna for bringing me the inspiration to get through this course, she teaches with joy, passion and are one of those few people who can make you feel that she care and want to pass on her knowledge in the most positive way. I could not have done it without you.

Bedtime.. with a goodnight song by Ryuichi Sakamoto "Silk"

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