FITA Round Competition

Now im home after a long long day. It was a warm day but the wind was very tricky today. I shoot my first FITA Round all in one day since 4 years ago. I already felt my cold and soar throat when I woke up and in the warm up I knew it would be a challenge to get through the competition.

I finished with 1189 points 2nd after Christin Bjerendal at 1217 points. The score was not high but I just have to accept that Im on my way to build up my archery muscle again and I need to let it take time to comeback.
I was so impressed by Göran Bjerendal, he was so close with Per Bengtsson until 30m and in the end the experienced Göran came back and won the Fita round in the men recurve at 1258 points. I enjoy watching him shooting with his own style and being on the top so long. He is a big inspiration and every archer could learn a lot from him.
 Now I will take a PF pure casein drink,  wich is great to take before bedtime so you can recover your muslce in the best way after a long day in the field.

Dad & Vestus taking me to archery competiton, thanks for your support!

 Göran Bjerendal, Me and Christine Bjerendal. The Bjerendals was rocking today!

After 8 hours in the sun and among many focused archers, Vestus has a nap :)

Sunny warm Saturday

My dad and Vestus will pick me up at 7 pm and take me to Jönköping and see me compet. It feels really good to have my dad there again behind the line, he have been driving me around and pushed me to train since the age of 11. Sometimes Its been to much,  we have had our fights, disagreements and after my dads stroke and after being away to Thailand for some years living in the crazy glamour circle, he came, saw me, saved me from the pitch of snakes I was around and for that Im forever thankful.

Now im home, I see, I grow and learn from my experience everyday and I will never loose the controll to other people again. They said I was to old, to big, to independent, to dramatic and a artistic dreamer and non Thai with my way of choices.
But here I am with my bow, arrow, music and life working for me and in controll with my choices and now you can listen, you are entitled to my opinion everyday.


                                 Vestus & Dad

A perfect archery friday

I came home from a great night yesterday evening.   Its quite funny that they had the "bronze" concept where they promote that  its nice to be brown and tanned and when you go to Thailand its all about the whitening products hmmm different worlds..
My date Tun could not come and I had to mingle alone but it turned out well and I meet some fun and interesting people to mingle with.  After drinking water all night ( Im not sacrificing my fitness haha), mingeling,  a great performance by Emilia and a Make up store goodie bag I was heading back with my higheels in rainy stockholm back to Norrköping..

Time for  practice and I really looking forward to go back to my jogging shoes again.

Archery Practice

It was really nice weather today, sunny and not so much wind. I tried different string heights and found the right one for me in the end.  When I stand there I feel so thankful that I still have the oppotunity to go back to my field, be alone, feel the wind in my face, hear the birds and be aware of a beautiful day in the middle of my focused shoot.  Thats when I feel home, satisfied and happy.

Im looking forward for the competition on sunday and that will be a challenge for me 144 arrows FITA round plus warm-up. Good food, nutrition & vitamin ( some chocolate)  and spending time with my love this friday and resting tomorrow will be a good way to prepare for me.

EMILIA was Rocking!!

Make up Store Goodie bag, Eazy bronzer, Glimmery lipstick, eyeliner and skincare..

Make up store event in Stockholm tonight

I woke up with sore throat  and I had a big breakfast and vitamins & mineral supplement to get better soon.  Today Im heading to stockholm to meet up with George Nakas and go to the "Make up store event" with the theme "Golden bronze. The Artist "Emilia" will be there and perform her lates hits "Your my World"Thanks to  Johan Petre for inviting me to this event im looking forward to put my highheels and  highlights on  and mingle tonight.

Emilia will be performing at the event tonight..

UEFA Champions League Final

I had my 19 th archery practice and It was storm outside so I decided to stay inside and work on my technic at 18 m. I really like to get back to basic after a competition. I visit my dad, grandma and Vestus. He is growing and keeping my dad busy by waking him up at  5 am every  morning...haha.  Its nice that Kitty can come and be a rescue, she came with Vestus when I practiced and he wanted to bite on everything.
I normally dont watch fotball that much except when my love play of course. But I reacted when I saw Andrea Bocelli sing the " Gladiator song " during the opening of the UEFA Champions league final. Its my  favourite movie and I love the soundtrack.
 I can understand why every fotball player have a dream to play over there, what a athmosphere and feeling to be one of those.  Right now he is screaming becasue Barcelona scored, I guess he cheer for them :).

            Vestus vom Schwaiger Rathaus is growing, keeping dad busy

                                         Are you talking about me ?

Be your best coach

My body told me to rest today and so I have. I went to proteinfabrikken to get some more good energy goodies for the weekend. My vocals have been active instead and my music always gives me energy.  Tonight im just chilling being social with Petru that has a cold and rest to get better for thursday game away against Syrianska FC that will be broadcasted in TV 4 sport 7 pm.
Its nice to have those evenings when you just crawl up in the sofa, having some sweets and reading a good book. Right now Im reading "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho my favourite author and loading my batteries for tomorrow.

                     I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.  Take care of  your body,  nobody else will... goodnight

Me and Elin in the newspaper

I took it easy this morning and Petru took me to lunch in the new restaurant "Stjärnkrogen" in Parken, Norrköping. It was nice view, athmosphere and really good food.  If you come at 11 pm to have lunch in the restaurant you can see all the fotballplayers in IFK Norrköping have their practice. I needen that after competing this weekend. I feel a sleep 3 hours after the lunch and woke up to get ready for the gym and get some weight training done.

Me and Elin was in the newspaper today  and you can read the article on NT (Norrköping Newspaper) and "Folkbladet"

"Stjärnkrogen" Parken Arena Norrköping worth a visit

Dad helping me out with the weight training  at World Class this evening

Göta Lejon Cup

We had suprisingly good weather today, sunny with a bit wind.  I started my morning with a PF proteindrink and 2 sandwishes before we went on to compete on the 2 longdistance for the day. 36 arrows at 70m and 36 arrows at 60 m.
It was reallly exciting to be back on the competition field and meet all the archers that I have not seen for a long while. Time for fun, me and Christin are heading to fair Liseberg, we desreve it and its a lovely summer day!!1

I scored 300 points at 70m  and 316 points at 60m. Total score= 616
Im currently on 3rd  place shared with Christin. Christa 2 nd with 319 points and Elin 1st with 631 points.



We had a continous good weather with a bit rain in 30 m. I finished with 1247 points wich gave a 4th place. After 1,5 month training im happy but I felt that I was tired at 30 m and could not shoot as good as I wanted, so I want to work on my physique more. But 18 points from the top is not bad...

Result Women Recurve                                   

1 Elin Kättström 1265 p

2 Christine Bjerendal 1257

3 Christa Bäckman 1252

Congratulation to Morgan Lundin that scored 1402 points! winning Men compound and Göran Bjerendal still going strong with 1304 points 2nd place after Jonas Andersson win with 1317 points.


Having a break after 70 m, enjoying PF proteindrinks & bars

 Elin Kättström, me and Christa Bäckman

Me 60m

Christin Bjerendal

Magnus Petersson, Morgan Lundin, me and Göran Bjerendal enjoying a day at the field. 

Competition time

Busy busy morning, pack my things, get my tickets and eat some lunch before I will run off to the trainstation. I will be on the bus all afternoon it takes 4 hours by bus from Norrköping were I live to Gothenburg. Thank family Bjerendal for letting me stay with you again. My bags are full with Proteinfabrikkens goodies that I will share :)

This will be my first competition on swedish ground since 2003 and after been training just 1,5 month Im just happy I will be on the competition field so soon.  I hope it will be good weather tomorrow and Im looking forward to see the familiar archery people as well after all this years.

My love is cooking lunch while im blogging, you cant make it all alone and Im thankful for all the right back up I have now.

Wish me luck and have a great weekend!!

My new arrows are ready!

Godmorning, I have to say that the PF whey tech strawberry flavour is my favourite. My mornings starts with a proteinshake, toast and some tea and yes the sun is shining upon that, so it looks like a good start of the day.

Yesterday evening was spent home in my sofa putting all my best effort  to put feathers on my new lovely arrows and had glimps on the movie "Becoming Jane" with Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy. A movie about the young writer Jane Austin who refuses to marry purely for money and embarks on writing to support herself rather than relying on a husband. Despite the pressure from home and the community she questions and grows. Jane Austen's Greatest Love Story Was Her Own She became a legend by making her own life a inspiration and never got married. 

Off to shoot some arrows before I will go on and cheer at Petru and IFK Norrköping. They are meeting FC Trollhättan today
5 pm in Parken,Norrköping.

New arrows and feathers on

I know what I whant to do, Do You?

Its a grey and rainy day outside, a perfect day to be inside and practice my singing and prepare other things. I know there are people wondering if I can combine sport & music. Its not a easy thing but easy Is not fun and to follow the mainstream is not fun either. I know what I want to do, do you?

  My interview from yesterday was publish today and here you can read it in "Folkbladet"

Tonight is cinema night, me and Petru will go and see "Knowing" hope its a good one.

Interview and practice...

I started my day with a interview with the local newspaper "Folkbladet"  and taking pictures in my home club.
After that I started with my 15 th archery practice and focused on my homework that Göran gave me. Small details that makes so much. I shoot at 70 and 60 m on a warm and a bit windy weather.
Tonight Im looking forward for my yoga class and getting new feathers on my 12 arrows that we prepared in Gothenburg.

After 4 years away from archery  I started this year again the 17 april 2009. Here Im sharing 3 shoots at 70 m
15 may in Gotheburg.
 Enjoy... ;)

IFK Norrköping vs Åtvidaberg TV4 Sport 7 pm

Home after light weightraining with dad and now Im sitting and cheering on my moldavian love playing against Åtvidaberg, keeping my fingers crossed!!!

YES YES YES.......Finally a victory and 3 points to IFK Norrköping!!!

A great weekend in Gothenburg

I just came home after a very nice weekend in Gothenburg (Göteborg). Im so Thankful for family Bjerendal taking me into their home and helping me getting me prepared for this season. Göran helped prepare my new arrows, change the arrow rest, take up the pound, try different cutting of the arrows, cleaning my beiter plunger, and today we got the bow and arrows in top condition.  Big Thanks to Göran Bjerendal!!

 At top of that we had good weather and Göran gave me some very useful tips and homework to do on my technic.  Thanks to Christine that took me out on saturday night to explore the night life in Gothenburg,  even though we had  a coke and fanta it didnt stop us to rock on the dancefloor!!
After a 5 hour bus drive home, Im getting ready for bed... nighty nighty..

Me and Göran Bjerendal the material expert and a great inspiration. I feel very confident working more from him

Göran checking my beiter plunger and putting on a new Beiter rest

Göran adjusting my tiller and make sure its straight

Time to relax at Trä´gårn with Christine Bjerendal and friends

Thank you Protein Fabriken

Today was my  12 archery practice.  It was great weather and I trained at 50 and 30m. I was on the local newspaper today and if you want to read the article here is the link:  The Article from Norrköpings tidningar.

Protein Fabriken

To reach my goal for the olympic games I have to practice really hard every day.
I have to have knowleage about what I eat and how much to train everyday.
So the other day I went to Protein Fabriken in Norrköping where they sell training supplyments. And I want to thank Ingmar Davidsson for the help and advice to pick the best product for my body.
It's helping me alot and I feel that these products really helps.

Here I am with Ingmar, having a zip from the new Protein shoots.
I have to say that the shape of these protein shoots are pretty...amazing;D

Here we have Ingmar Davidsson VD for Protein Fabriken in Norrköping.
He's making a "goodie" bag for me to bring with me to training and competition.

My favorit Products for training and health
Right now when im training so hard for the upcoming competition it's really important for me to eat good and healthy food and vitamins supplyments to keep my body and health in the best shape.
And to reach my goal these product are a good help in my training. Every morning I start my day with a protein shake. And the best thing is that they have many different flavors and they taste really good.
And the protein bars is a really  good "energy kicker" during my breaks!
So these are my tips to you that I use myself.

Well now Im off to have a run and pack my bag. Tomorrow im off to Gothenburg ( Göteborg).
But I will tell you all more about that tomorrow.

Enjoy your friday!

My Competition Schedule 2009

It will be a archery summer for me and I here are the competition I will attend and proudly represent my hometown Finspang.

23 - 24 May  1440 FITA Round Gothenburg

31 May      1440 FITA Round, Huskvarna Ösnehaga

6 June      1440 FITA Round, Hallsberg

14 June
     2 X 36 arrows + Finals, Nyköping

1 -2 Aug  " The Swedish National Target Archery Championships" 1440 FITA Round + Finals, Malmö

They not gonna get me

Music gives inspiration, dream pictures in my mind and that extra energy when I feel tired. I wonder how life would be without music, for me Its my energy souce in everyday life and I hope to share it we you in near future. What is words without feelings? What influences are real and impacts your life? I use to search for the answers so hard before and forgot to question. As soon we wake up we get influences from everywere and Its seems like a jungle sometimes, we want the perfect answer and solution but we dont have time to question. In Asia Im a troublemaker with all my questions about how a woman should behave or be and what is feminine or not.  As you can read and see I didnt choose the stereotype road, I like to question and be in controll and I choose what I want to get influenced by. If you dont like It just walk away you are in my way.

I saw the eurovision songcontest yesterday with Tatu singing "Not gonna get us" I like that feeling the music gave me
 and just change on word.  click on :  "Not gonna get me"  give a middle finger to bad influences

archery is more than a sport

The days passes by so fast and again I was on the bus on the way to my 11 archery practice.  I  felt tired but as soon as I started to warm up I woke up and felt motivated. I experienced sun, wind, rain and sometimes complete stillnes on the green field and I want to handle every moment in the best way I can..  There is a sense of awareness that makes me love archery  more and more. The feeling of inner strenght and discipline I build up to reach my goals on and off the field. Love the art in yourself and create it.

World Class gym time
Me and Petru are heding to the gym for some light weight training. I also look forward for 1 hour of  "bodybalance" which is a mix of yoga and pilates tonight. 


IFK Norrköping vs Vasalund

Another new week and im looking forward for tonight when I will go and see my love play in Parken Norrköping 7 pm. He will be back in his right position as a midfielder. I really hope they will do a good game and get their first 3 points.

The result of the game was a lost 3-4 , not so fun

Ulrika brought us some archery candy

My day started by a early busride to the archery field. I was looking forward to met Ulrika Bengston from  archery equipment store from stockholm. Ulrika was coming and visiting our club to sell and give advice on archery equipment. Ulrika is a material expert on archery and you can always ask her for advice even though you are a beginner or pro, it was really nice to see her again and she always gives a positive energy wherever she goes. She brought me my 12 new  X10 arrows,  x10 points, feathers and colourful orange x10 nocks  that I hope to prepare and tune together with Göran Bjerendal in Gothenburg later this week.

My 10 th archery practice and today I was feeling strong.  I had to dress in extra warm clothes in the cold strong wind on 70 m..Even though it was very windy, I manage to group quite well and keep a nice shooting feeling on a non tuned bow.  So Im slowly gettig there on every arrow.

Home again after a nice run and now I will spoil myself with a long shower and a facial mask from Clinique ...mmm a great sunday  goodnighty... :)

Ulrika Bengston & me

Elin Kättström & Ulrika Bengtson having a busy and fun day

Archery candy from 

Training and a evening at the cinemas

I had my 8th archery practice and it was really windy outside when I shoot at 60m and 70m.  I think it will be windy at the swedish target championships in Malmö so I just got to like the wind.

Home after practice and already friday evening. I could not help myself to to buy some yummie Thai take away food home.  I dont like to cook on a friday evening.

Time to get ready for the cinemas,  my love is taking me to see the movie " Wolverine"

Petru came home with a new mohawk, me like

Time to prepare my bows and arrows

I was kind f spoiled when I lived in Thailand and had a housekeeper coming and cleaning my apartment 2 times a week, now I live in sweden and we do it on our own which I actually prefer. So a long day with spring cleaning and re organising our apartment.

The days goes quick and I called the best experienced and technical expert in sweden Göran Bjerendal to ask for advice for preparing my bow for the this season.  There is a lot of technical stuff with bow and arrows that has to be prepared and in shape so with Görans help I feel very confident that it will turn out great. 


yep Im sleepy to....

Im also a certified travelagent now !!!

I just came home from my 7th archery practice and I worked on my basics again and put on a light stabilizer set. Im slowly getting better and stronger.

Yesterday night I got this email with the result from our 6 hour  IATA examination that we been waiting for from Canada. I took me 5 min before I could click on the email and when I finally did it said:

Congratulation you passed!

Yep I was jumping, screaming and dancing in the room. I did it!!!
All the hours of studies gave result and Im so HAPPYY!

Now I can call myself a certified travel agent
. I took on this course online on
one year ago.  Thanks to our inspiring and positive teacher Katarina Nygren I took on this challenge. The main part of the training is at a distance via internet with daily support, student chat rooms and exercises. We also meet up a 2 times to discuss the more detailed parts. Distance learning went suprisingly well but you have to have a lot of discipline to study on your own.
Now I can work in the the travel business and at airports all over the world as it is approved internationally. The flight organisation IATA/UFTAA demands this complete competence which will allow you the rights to book tickets for regular flights and that we learned in the course with the Amadeus booking system.

I was stuck in my room 2 weeks before the IATA examination, but it paid off!!

Dancesteps and yoga

Where did the summer go? Its rainy and cold here and Its been nice to been indoors today. Working on the projects and practicing my new material and lyrics.

 This evening I have 1 hour of  dancetraining and I hour yoga after that. Its not all about being strong Its important to keep yourself flexible so you can keep your "shooting feeling" and find the right balance to stay out of injuries.

Doing yoga at World Class

Happy Birthday Sister

I called my sister at 8.30 am in the morning and I know she would not picked up. I got a textmessage later saying:
Its cute that you want to congratulate me, but fucking 9 am in the morning.....

Yep thats my younger sister, she dont early mornings haha. Sister I just wanted to be first to wish you Happy Birthday!!
 I started my morning with 1 hour powerwalk and home to continue working with our Musicproject. It feels great to work with George that comes with good advice and back me up. As well as having Tomas Johansson as my  great coach and mentor when It comes to archery.  I wish that the Swedish Archery Federation could see the great advice and experience Tomas could bring to the archers, he cares about the archer behind the bow, not so many coaches really do that.

Time for weight training with Petru at World Class gym and celebrate my sister tonight. We are also keeping our fingers crossed for IFK Norrköping playing against IK Sirius. My love wont play today since he have some pain in his groin but we are hoping that our first 3 points will come tonight.
Kitty, 23  today, Happy birthday sister!!

My first outdoor shooting 2009

My 6th archery practice and after been shooting only short distance and working on my basic so far  I wanted to go out and shoot this sunny day. I shoot 30 m and went quickly up to try at 70 m which I didnt regret, it was so fun!!!
Last time I shoot outside was 2005 during the Sea Games and when I stood there today It didnt feel that was such a long time ago. Every practice and shoot I do feels like a positive progress for me in so many ways. Now I will continue watching one of my favourite movies aired on Tv tonight. "Forest Gump" Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gonna get..

Vestus says:  Are you done yet Mix? I want to go home now....

Just be

Even though I dont drink any alcohol yesterday I was tired and that was frustrating, I had planned to train but my body wanted to rest and im happy I listen to the message. Its easy to say that you shold let yourself "just be" its something I work on every holiday and just have a plan free day when I dont do nothing. I have learned by time the importance of rest and often thats the time you let your mind flow and get some insight.  So In one way we really do a lot on free day becuause that alouds us to get back to basic and appreciate simple things in life. I dont need to travel so far or spend money to enjoy myself, I just take a couple of steps and Im in the park with my loved one. Im thankful for all the decision that have lead me here today, Im my own coach and I decide whats best for me. Can you do that?

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