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Even though I dont drink any alcohol yesterday I was tired and that was frustrating, I had planned to train but my body wanted to rest and im happy I listen to the message. Its easy to say that you shold let yourself "just be" its something I work on every holiday and just have a plan free day when I dont do nothing. I have learned by time the importance of rest and often thats the time you let your mind flow and get some insight.  So In one way we really do a lot on free day becuause that alouds us to get back to basic and appreciate simple things in life. I dont need to travel so far or spend money to enjoy myself, I just take a couple of steps and Im in the park with my loved one. Im thankful for all the decision that have lead me here today, Im my own coach and I decide whats best for me. Can you do that?

Postat av: sara s

läs om ILLUMINATI och deras mind control i min blogg. något du inte visste..

2009-05-01 @ 23:40:35
URL: http://sareina.blogg.se/sarasblogg
Postat av: Jag och fotbollsspelarn

Åh vilka härliga biler, det lyyyyser vår om dom :) härligt.

2009-05-02 @ 10:50:49
URL: http://tgif.blogg.se/
Postat av: Foki

Sawadee!! ^^ Tack så mycket! <3

Oooh! Vackert Sakura-träd!

2009-05-02 @ 11:56:22
URL: http://foki.blogg.se/
Postat av: Madicken - Foto

Fina blommor :D

2009-05-03 @ 16:45:12
URL: http://metrobloggen.se/conlerc

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