A great weekend in Gothenburg

I just came home after a very nice weekend in Gothenburg (Göteborg). Im so Thankful for family Bjerendal taking me into their home and helping me getting me prepared for this season. Göran helped prepare my new arrows, change the arrow rest, take up the pound, try different cutting of the arrows, cleaning my beiter plunger, and today we got the bow and arrows in top condition.  Big Thanks to Göran Bjerendal!!

 At top of that we had good weather and Göran gave me some very useful tips and homework to do on my technic.  Thanks to Christine that took me out on saturday night to explore the night life in Gothenburg,  even though we had  a coke and fanta it didnt stop us to rock on the dancefloor!!
After a 5 hour bus drive home, Im getting ready for bed... nighty nighty..

Me and Göran Bjerendal the material expert and a great inspiration. I feel very confident working more from him

Göran checking my beiter plunger and putting on a new Beiter rest

Göran adjusting my tiller and make sure its straight

Time to relax at Trä´gårn with Christine Bjerendal and friends


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