A perfect archery friday

I came home from a great night yesterday evening.   Its quite funny that they had the "bronze" concept where they promote that  its nice to be brown and tanned and when you go to Thailand its all about the whitening products hmmm different worlds..
My date Tun could not come and I had to mingle alone but it turned out well and I meet some fun and interesting people to mingle with.  After drinking water all night ( Im not sacrificing my fitness haha), mingeling,  a great performance by Emilia and a Make up store goodie bag I was heading back with my higheels in rainy stockholm back to Norrköping..

Time for  practice and I really looking forward to go back to my jogging shoes again.

Archery Practice

It was really nice weather today, sunny and not so much wind. I tried different string heights and found the right one for me in the end.  When I stand there I feel so thankful that I still have the oppotunity to go back to my field, be alone, feel the wind in my face, hear the birds and be aware of a beautiful day in the middle of my focused shoot.  Thats when I feel home, satisfied and happy.

Im looking forward for the competition on sunday and that will be a challenge for me 144 arrows FITA round plus warm-up. Good food, nutrition & vitamin ( some chocolate)  and spending time with my love this friday and resting tomorrow will be a good way to prepare for me.

EMILIA was Rocking!!

Make up Store Goodie bag, Eazy bronzer, Glimmery lipstick, eyeliner and skincare..


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