Sunny warm Saturday

My dad and Vestus will pick me up at 7 pm and take me to Jönköping and see me compet. It feels really good to have my dad there again behind the line, he have been driving me around and pushed me to train since the age of 11. Sometimes Its been to much,  we have had our fights, disagreements and after my dads stroke and after being away to Thailand for some years living in the crazy glamour circle, he came, saw me, saved me from the pitch of snakes I was around and for that Im forever thankful.

Now im home, I see, I grow and learn from my experience everyday and I will never loose the controll to other people again. They said I was to old, to big, to independent, to dramatic and a artistic dreamer and non Thai with my way of choices.
But here I am with my bow, arrow, music and life working for me and in controll with my choices and now you can listen, you are entitled to my opinion everyday.


                                 Vestus & Dad


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