FITA Round Competition

Now im home after a long long day. It was a warm day but the wind was very tricky today. I shoot my first FITA Round all in one day since 4 years ago. I already felt my cold and soar throat when I woke up and in the warm up I knew it would be a challenge to get through the competition.

I finished with 1189 points 2nd after Christin Bjerendal at 1217 points. The score was not high but I just have to accept that Im on my way to build up my archery muscle again and I need to let it take time to comeback.
I was so impressed by Göran Bjerendal, he was so close with Per Bengtsson until 30m and in the end the experienced Göran came back and won the Fita round in the men recurve at 1258 points. I enjoy watching him shooting with his own style and being on the top so long. He is a big inspiration and every archer could learn a lot from him.
 Now I will take a PF pure casein drink,  wich is great to take before bedtime so you can recover your muslce in the best way after a long day in the field.

Dad & Vestus taking me to archery competiton, thanks for your support!

 Göran Bjerendal, Me and Christine Bjerendal. The Bjerendals was rocking today!

After 8 hours in the sun and among many focused archers, Vestus has a nap :)


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