Göta Lejon Cup

We had suprisingly good weather today, sunny with a bit wind.  I started my morning with a PF proteindrink and 2 sandwishes before we went on to compete on the 2 longdistance for the day. 36 arrows at 70m and 36 arrows at 60 m.
It was reallly exciting to be back on the competition field and meet all the archers that I have not seen for a long while. Time for fun, me and Christin are heading to fair Liseberg, we desreve it and its a lovely summer day!!1

I scored 300 points at 70m  and 316 points at 60m. Total score= 616
Im currently on 3rd  place shared with Christin. Christa 2 nd with 319 points and Elin 1st with 631 points.



We had a continous good weather with a bit rain in 30 m. I finished with 1247 points wich gave a 4th place. After 1,5 month training im happy but I felt that I was tired at 30 m and could not shoot as good as I wanted, so I want to work on my physique more. But 18 points from the top is not bad...

Result Women Recurve                                   

1 Elin Kättström 1265 p

2 Christine Bjerendal 1257

3 Christa Bäckman 1252

Congratulation to Morgan Lundin that scored 1402 points! winning Men compound and Göran Bjerendal still going strong with 1304 points 2nd place after Jonas Andersson win with 1317 points.


Having a break after 70 m, enjoying PF proteindrinks & bars

 Elin Kättström, me and Christa Bäckman

Me 60m

Christin Bjerendal

Magnus Petersson, Morgan Lundin, me and Göran Bjerendal enjoying a day at the field. 


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