Happy Birthday Sister

I called my sister at 8.30 am in the morning and I know she would not picked up. I got a textmessage later saying:
Its cute that you want to congratulate me, but fucking 9 am in the morning.....

Yep thats my younger sister, she dont early mornings haha. Sister I just wanted to be first to wish you Happy Birthday!!
 I started my morning with 1 hour powerwalk and home to continue working with our Musicproject. It feels great to work with George that comes with good advice and back me up. As well as having Tomas Johansson as my  great coach and mentor when It comes to archery.  I wish that the Swedish Archery Federation could see the great advice and experience Tomas could bring to the archers, he cares about the archer behind the bow, not so many coaches really do that.

Time for weight training with Petru at World Class gym and celebrate my sister tonight. We are also keeping our fingers crossed for IFK Norrköping playing against IK Sirius. My love wont play today since he have some pain in his groin but we are hoping that our first 3 points will come tonight.
Kitty, 23  today, Happy birthday sister!! http://thekittycats.blogg.se/

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2009-05-05 @ 17:31:52
URL: http://thekittycats.blogg.se/

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