Im also a certified travelagent now !!!

I just came home from my 7th archery practice and I worked on my basics again and put on a light stabilizer set. Im slowly getting better and stronger.

Yesterday night I got this email with the result from our 6 hour  IATA examination that we been waiting for from Canada. I took me 5 min before I could click on the email and when I finally did it said:

Congratulation you passed!

Yep I was jumping, screaming and dancing in the room. I did it!!!
All the hours of studies gave result and Im so HAPPYY!

Now I can call myself a certified travel agent
. I took on this course online on
one year ago.  Thanks to our inspiring and positive teacher Katarina Nygren I took on this challenge. The main part of the training is at a distance via internet with daily support, student chat rooms and exercises. We also meet up a 2 times to discuss the more detailed parts. Distance learning went suprisingly well but you have to have a lot of discipline to study on your own.
Now I can work in the the travel business and at airports all over the world as it is approved internationally. The flight organisation IATA/UFTAA demands this complete competence which will allow you the rights to book tickets for regular flights and that we learned in the course with the Amadeus booking system.

I was stuck in my room 2 weeks before the IATA examination, but it paid off!!

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Grattis Mix! Fan va kul för dig! puss Tove

2009-05-07 @ 12:35:46

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