Thank you Protein Fabriken

Today was my  12 archery practice.  It was great weather and I trained at 50 and 30m. I was on the local newspaper today and if you want to read the article here is the link:  The Article from Norrköpings tidningar.

Protein Fabriken

To reach my goal for the olympic games I have to practice really hard every day.
I have to have knowleage about what I eat and how much to train everyday.
So the other day I went to Protein Fabriken in Norrköping where they sell training supplyments. And I want to thank Ingmar Davidsson for the help and advice to pick the best product for my body.
It's helping me alot and I feel that these products really helps.

Here I am with Ingmar, having a zip from the new Protein shoots.
I have to say that the shape of these protein shoots are pretty...amazing;D

Here we have Ingmar Davidsson VD for Protein Fabriken in Norrköping.
He's making a "goodie" bag for me to bring with me to training and competition.

My favorit Products for training and health
Right now when im training so hard for the upcoming competition it's really important for me to eat good and healthy food and vitamins supplyments to keep my body and health in the best shape.
And to reach my goal these product are a good help in my training. Every morning I start my day with a protein shake. And the best thing is that they have many different flavors and they taste really good.
And the protein bars is a really  good "energy kicker" during my breaks!
So these are my tips to you that I use myself.

Well now Im off to have a run and pack my bag. Tomorrow im off to Gothenburg ( Göteborg).
But I will tell you all more about that tomorrow.

Enjoy your friday!

Postat av: Pernilla

Hej Mix!

Kul att läsa om hur det går för dig!

Såg att du ska till Göteborg. Bara hör av dig om du vill fika eller något!


2009-05-15 @ 17:45:44
Postat av: matilda

Re: Good luck!!

2009-05-16 @ 18:45:10
Postat av: anna

Det var kul att läsa artikel om dig :) Lycka till med all träningen och tävlingar!

2009-05-17 @ 15:08:52

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