Me and Elin in the newspaper

I took it easy this morning and Petru took me to lunch in the new restaurant "Stjärnkrogen" in Parken, Norrköping. It was nice view, athmosphere and really good food.  If you come at 11 pm to have lunch in the restaurant you can see all the fotballplayers in IFK Norrköping have their practice. I needen that after competing this weekend. I feel a sleep 3 hours after the lunch and woke up to get ready for the gym and get some weight training done.

Me and Elin was in the newspaper today  and you can read the article on NT (Norrköping Newspaper) and "Folkbladet"

"Stjärnkrogen" Parken Arena Norrköping worth a visit

Dad helping me out with the weight training  at World Class this evening


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