Ulrika brought us some archery candy

My day started by a early busride to the archery field. I was looking forward to met Ulrika Bengston from http://www.bagaropilar.com/  archery equipment store from stockholm. Ulrika was coming and visiting our club to sell and give advice on archery equipment. Ulrika is a material expert on archery and you can always ask her for advice even though you are a beginner or pro, it was really nice to see her again and she always gives a positive energy wherever she goes. She brought me my 12 new  X10 arrows,  x10 points, feathers and colourful orange x10 nocks  that I hope to prepare and tune together with Göran Bjerendal in Gothenburg later this week.

My 10 th archery practice and today I was feeling strong.  I had to dress in extra warm clothes in the cold strong wind on 70 m..Even though it was very windy, I manage to group quite well and keep a nice shooting feeling on a non tuned bow.  So Im slowly gettig there on every arrow.

Home again after a nice run and now I will spoil myself with a long shower and a facial mask from Clinique ...mmm a great sunday  goodnighty... :)

Ulrika Bengston & me

Elin Kättström & Ulrika Bengtson having a busy and fun day

Archery candy from http://www.bagaropilar.com/ 


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