My new arrows are ready!

Godmorning, I have to say that the PF whey tech strawberry flavour is my favourite. My mornings starts with a proteinshake, toast and some tea and yes the sun is shining upon that, so it looks like a good start of the day.

Yesterday evening was spent home in my sofa putting all my best effort  to put feathers on my new lovely arrows and had glimps on the movie "Becoming Jane" with Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy. A movie about the young writer Jane Austin who refuses to marry purely for money and embarks on writing to support herself rather than relying on a husband. Despite the pressure from home and the community she questions and grows. Jane Austen's Greatest Love Story Was Her Own She became a legend by making her own life a inspiration and never got married. 

Off to shoot some arrows before I will go on and cheer at Petru and IFK Norrköping. They are meeting FC Trollhättan today
5 pm in Parken,Norrköping.

New arrows and feathers on

Postat av: matilda

allt bra? :)

2009-05-21 @ 11:09:58
Postat av: matilda

Jag gjorde ett val när jag valde att satsa på 8 OS guld och en debut i OS 2012.

Det var att göra det ingen annan tror - vågar du göra samma sak men inom dina framtidsdrömmar? /Matilda

2009-05-21 @ 19:09:59

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