archery is more than a sport

The days passes by so fast and again I was on the bus on the way to my 11 archery practice.  I  felt tired but as soon as I started to warm up I woke up and felt motivated. I experienced sun, wind, rain and sometimes complete stillnes on the green field and I want to handle every moment in the best way I can..  There is a sense of awareness that makes me love archery  more and more. The feeling of inner strenght and discipline I build up to reach my goals on and off the field. Love the art in yourself and create it.

World Class gym time
Me and Petru are heding to the gym for some light weight training. I also look forward for 1 hour of  "bodybalance" which is a mix of yoga and pilates tonight. 


Postat av: Kitty

Oh my god, it's like you took my word and wrote them down!...this is how i feel every god damn time i eat a snickers.


2009-05-13 @ 01:35:19

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