Land of fish & chips

Cup of tea? like they say in England :) English morning breakfast its not so bad and imagine a Olympic 2012 in this town supercool :)

Far away, well not that far...

Goodmorning y'all, dad dropped me off at Arlanda yesterday for another trip for work. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for Petru and IFK Norrkoping, hoping they will kick ass at todays fotball game home.. Off for a little beauty sleep. Ciao

Off to Arlanda again...

Dance Inside

Gosh a week  passes by so quick and im happy my energy is back again.  Friday evening is spend listening to music, my big energy source!! I just manage just to be still but dance inside and that is just great relaxing! Cant stop listening to Lady Gagas "Paparazzi" live performance..

Up to dance to the kitchen and make some greeny tea as usual, never stop to be silly and dance some minutes a day...

A Mix in gold dress & diamonds
had 2 cops in the room making sure the expensive jewelry was not going anywere..or in my own bag haha

U cant stop me!!

Hello!! today I was up running and back in shape, crosstrainer, vocal training and checking out the new office that I will be working in together with the rest of the team in Proteinfabrikken!  Jihaaaa!!! Its going to be so nice!
I have so many new suprises that are waiting ahead and I cant wait to show it off soon :) Check out the swedish BODY MAGAZINE next month....
A lady at work asked me if I should get children soon, since im 28?!?! We tend to be a bit age fixated in Sweden and suppose to follow our normal action by age..well lady not me, to many fun things to reach first..and by the way, they dont retouch me that much Im basically this hot everyday ;)

Goodnight !

Another hot Lady that did a super performance at the VMA 2009

Pitbull + Dorin = secret brothers...?

Today I just been home, feeling a bit sick. Sleep, water, vitamins and green tea is what I need now. Hope to be up and ready to again tomorrow. I dedicate my calm evening on this blogg to Mr Dorin :)

Real brothers
Dorin and Petru Racu, but I think Dorin has a secret brother the artist Pitbull they are similar in so many ways ;).....

Happy B-day Dad!

Happy Birthaday Dad!

Me and my younger sister Kitty took out my dad for a dinner out for his 57th Birthday.
Our dad is actually one of the funniest and strongest people we know. For about 7 years ago, he had 2 strokes
at the same time. The doctors said he had 4% chance of survival, and in a second our whole world collapsed.

Dad is back on track, spending a lot of time in the gym and sometimes a drink to much hahaha

Why would we as young woman sit and plan our father's funeral? Something we have received from our father, is that we are both damn stubborn, so we didnt except that we should plan our dads funeral. Kitty had the the earth's biggest name-calling and a number of swearword to tell the doctor that she was not listening to his assumptions and I dont think she regret that :)
After dad had been  flown by helicopter to various hospitals  he had surgery, and with an angelic guard the situation was stable but the doctor said then that he would be in at least 6-month in coma. 
The most amazing thing is, that our father wakes up after 2 weeks and is half paralyzed. 
After a lot of gymnastics and once he was discharged the doctor gave him a walker. And dad did exactly what we would have done.

Dad pushed that walker down stairs and said
: Do it yourself!

And then we went home, and the strong personality and perseverance became more evident than what I've seen in my entire life. He went mile after mile to get his motor activity back, trained & trained! 
He let no one and nothing get to him for a second believe that nothing goes. 
And thats what we admire him for. Sometimes we smoke together like cats and dogs. But he will always be the world's best dad to us.

Kitty and Jessica glowing at todays photoshoot
with a Hawaii Tropical theme

TV interview with 24NT

Today I open up in a TV interview with 24NT about my past. My good and bad experience as Miss Thailand, being a model and my future goals and dreams.

Link  :  Mix Interview 24NT


My morning started at the crosstrainer and after that I mixed a PF Whey Isolate proteinshake and had a big breakfast. Heading for the Jacuzzi to pamper my muscles.

Vestus is having a saturday nap

Vestus like Petrus socks.... :)

Did u say my name?...

BBQ, well I tried

The sun is still here  so we have taken out the grill preparing a yummie BBQ dinner in our balcony..
I have many talents but making food have always been a challenge..

It was going well first...

Before the fire broke out...hahahaha

Petru my dear, Its good inside...

Jag har tagit plats i NT "Onsdagpanelen"

Förra veckan blev inbjuden av Norrköpings tidningar, ( NT) att sitta med i Onsdagspanelen. Där får jag tillsammans med golfproffset Sofia Anrell och ordförande i Peking Fanz, Pontus Franzen tycka till om veckans sport varje onsdag framöver. Riktigt kul :) Här är en länk till förra veckans frågor och svar på NT

Veckans frågor och mina svar:

Vilka slutsatser drar du efter östgötaderbyt på Parken?

-Vilken underbar kämparglöd alla IFK killarna visade, dom gav allt! Kul att höra publiken stå upp för IFK, jag fick rysningar i kroppen och det visar att publiken bryr sig. Med den härliga inställningen är jag inte orolig för fortsättningen. Det blir spel i superettan även nästa år. Låt Bergort och Hellberg bygga detta lag i lugn och ro för framtiden så kommer det bli allsvenskan om några år. Helt övertygad om det.

Hur bedömer du Sveriges chanser att ta sig till fotbolls-VM 2010?

-Liten. Danmark vinner gruppen sedan är det en öppen affär mellan tre lag för kvalplats men det garanterar ingen säker VM-plats.

Ska kommunen gå med på att ge IFK sänkt hyra på Parken?

Ja! I idrottens värld finns ingen garanti för framgångar. Man kan bara hoppas och tro på det man kämpar för varje dag. Det är det som är tjusningne i sportvärlden. När det avtal som IFK gjorde då, låg man i allsvenskan vilket man inte gör längre. Nytt avtal borde göras med de förutsättningar som gäller nu. Spelarnas löner har sänkts, antalet anställda har minskat och man har sålt klubbhuset i år. Kommunen har självklart också ett ansvar i det här. Sänk hyran och var en del i IFKs återkomst i allsvenskan.


The sun was shining and u cant be in the gym on such a day. So the running track was mine. Time for a cup of green tea, goodnightsng and off to bed, my crosstrainer is waiting for me tomorrow morning..

"Bittersweet" by Poet Rumi

In my hallucination I saw my beloved's flower garden In my vertigo, in my dizziness In my drunken haze Whirling and dancing like a spinning wheel

I saw myself as the source of existence I was there in the beginning And I was the spirit of love Now I am sober There is only the hangover And the memory of love And only the sorrow I yearn for happiness

I ask for help I want mercy And my love says: Look at me and hear me Because I am here Just for that I am your moon and your moonlight too I am your flower garden and your water too I have come all this way, eager for you Without shoes or shawl

I want you to laugh To kill all your worries To love you To nourish you Oh sweet bitterness I will soothe you and heal you I will bring you roses I, too, have been covered with thorns

Hello Monday & Derby

The weekend passed by quick and I was on my crosstrainer again this morning. Im feeling stronger and more fit each day after my beginning to do some weight training after my Estland trip with the help of my dad. Its a long way until Im at my peak but you have to see and appreciate the small steps forward.

Im looking forward to this evening when IFK Norrköping will be playing home against Åtvidaberg, they are expecting around 10000 people to see the game. What is a better warm up then to enjoy a great dinner before the game than at the Parken Restaurant, Thanks Ingmar for the invite ;)
Unfortanely Petru is suspend this game but we will be cheering on the rest of the team on the grandstand.

Looking forward to next years outdoor season...

Pumping up some energy before my afternoon run with Madonnas new "Celebration"

Sleep, I deserve!

I had some extra sleep this morning and gosh it felt good after this week of hard work. Still a productive day cleaning the apartment and doing the laundry. Now its time for some cosy time, popcorn and fotball. Sweden against Ungary..
Go Sweden

Modell pics from past ;)

TV Intervju med Petru

Hello, idag fick jag en liten kommentar på bloggen:

Archery  ( om Another day of training:
Är det inte mer fokus på kropp än båge....?

Mitt svar till dig är: Det är en kombination av hårt arbete både i kropp och bågskytte för att hålla sig o form :)

Petru är med i i en TV intervju idag som ni kan se i denna länk: Petru Parken Direkt
Han pratar svenska bättre och bättre!!!

Nu ska jag i säng för imorgon för väntar min morgon spinning som håller mig iform till eftermiddans bågskyttepass

Natti Natti ;)

Another day of training

Morning cardio, archery training done. Heading of for some swim & Jacuzzi with Petru....Dont forget to stretch...

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