Behind the scen of the Leo Shoot

After a crazy december I can publish some behind the from the Leo Beer photoshoot in Thailand.  We took the pictures in November with a big and proffessional team. The reason I took this job was that I finally wanted to work with  "Lukkade" Metinee Kingpayom Sharples, Thailands first supermodel that change the fashion industry and has been a leader ever since. She asked me 4 years in a row and this year I was ready for this new concept body paint. I knew the reaction would be strong for my part because as a thai women with my background you are not suppose to do this and that. Luckily Im mixed and can choose what I want to do and not be lead by all the traditional norms.

Metinee Kingpayom Sharples, Executive producers for the calendar and a very professional buisness woman, I enjoyed working with her on this project!

I have always admire her an thinks people have judge her to quick sometimes without understanding the intention. She is a strong buisness woman that challenge you which some men & woman might think "to much" or "to strong" which I have heard that I am myself a couple of times.

Metinee answering the tough questions to the Thai press very well!

Star Photographer, Amat Nimitpark

One set took 3-4 hours of painting. As you can see I was painted by both women & men and I was not completely naked. I felt in good hands & company.

Proteinfabrikken Proteinshake between the shoots




After 4 days of intense work me Meetinee deserves a good dinner

and some fun party to celebrate!!!


Postat av: nicklas

Kul och se hur proffs arbetar. Det är inte så man har bilden för sig om kalendern framtagning. Följer din kariärr med stor spänning. Lycka till 2010 Mix!. =Nicklas

2010-01-06 @ 06:18:05
Postat av: Madde

AAHA!!! Jag har en LEO BEER 2010 kalender nu. nyligen

hemkommen från Thailand. Köpte HÄFTIGT!. Ni har verkligen skakat om i hela thailand. ALLA pratar om den i Pattaya också. Åker snart tillbaka till paradiset igen. Roligt följa din blogg. Tycker du är vackrast av dom också. Kramkram Madde

2010-01-06 @ 10:49:48

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