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These past 2 weeks been really busy, big changes at work and more to do. New exciting challenges at Proteinfabrikken Sweden that has been having rumours that we will close...

With my personally experience, I can just say:
Never trust rumours, trust the FACT.

And the fact is that Proteinfabrikken in Sweden is still having a office and are run smoothly by me , Helen Ekvall and our CEO Björn Kenneth Hansen.

Saturday at 7 Pm I was heading my way to stockholm

A good brainstorming day at the music studio. I know whant regarding the music, vision, beats and sound. I love the creative process, it fills me with life.

Thanks to Pierre Wedemo that is my personal masseaur, at :  WELL WELL in stockholm

We had a 2nd masseaur session and I did not know that I was to stiff in my neck and back causing me headache. I feel in good hands.

Pierre Wedemo in his long times in Japan

Postat av: kitty

are u still alive ?:-o

Well I'll be damn! ;D

Hur går det med allt ?

2010-02-09 @ 13:54:31
URL: http://thekittycats.blogg.se/

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