Manicure Time

I recommend you to go to a nail salon which has a proffessional manicurist. I have spoiled myself by getting my nails done in my hometown Norrköping. I changed from my acrylic nails I did in Thailand to gel material which is much more gentle to the nail and you get rid of the strong smell which the acrylic powder gives so you can you can enjoy your time at the salon.

So were can you get it done in Norrköping?

I highly recommend my proffessional manicurist "Eglina" she works at the hairsalon "Hårgänget" på Drottningatan in the centre of town. She use the best technique I have experienced and give you that natural healthy looking french nail that works in your daily life for party, gymtime and work. Its a treat to yourself you wont regret and that you deserve. Guys if you want to be on the plus side with your woman, this is a great gift!

Dont forget to put "Cuticle Care Oil" on your nails during these cold days. Nubar vanilla is a great one!

And by the way this is my crazy sister Kitty wishing you all the happy Holidays Hilarious!

Postat av: eglina

tack gumman!! kramis

2010-01-06 @ 22:12:08

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