Welcome 2010!!

I have had a great and calm Christmas & New Year with my close ones and away from the computer. 

I got a message from Thailand after they had been in the meeting with the Thai Ministry, and LEO pointed out to the committe that the law says one is not allowed to advertise for an alcoholic company by holding the drink or phase in the commercial saying or promoting to drink beer. We only have the logo so..... WE ARE NOT wrong!!! And they agreed!! The double moraled as...... that started all this didnt even show up!!! So now LEO is suing him for defamation!! Way to Go LEO!!

Me and my sweet friend AMP. We actually met way back 1998 when I was an archer and competed for the Thai National team and Amp was a interpreter and helped me out when my Thai language was not so strong. Far away from the entertainment buisness at that time.

Amp won the "Thai Supermodel contest 2004" after the year I became Miss Thailand.
So we were both suprised and happy when we met after all this years and ended up working together.

Thai Morning News, discussing our photos..... ( In Thai )

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Tack detsamma!!

2010-01-01 @ 20:47:11
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