Hello my friends, It been a while since I have been blogging. My upcoming worldwide Archery Calendar 2012 have been taking all my time since December last year. If you want to have a sneak peak and a storie about me, my background and the project I really recommend you to sign up at :

Harm did a great job portraying my life. Right now my other website is under contruction. I have a great team that are updating it and there I will have a blogg as well and other goodies that I look forward to share with you soon.


I lost a lot of weight for the photoshoot of the Archery Calendar, I honestly didnt need to go on a diet 2 -3 weeks before because the stress  took all the weight on me. This have been a great challenge for me, planning and working in front of the camera and also behind the scene. Im so happy and thankful of the archery and airline companie that have supporting me during this way. Also FITA for the big support.
It has also been a very emotional trip, I have had my first archerycoach in the back of my head all the time, Erik Karlsson. When I turned 30 this year I wanted to honour my sport that have given me so much, saved me in so many situtaion but also remembering my coach and friend that took me under his wings and believed in me.

I have manage to shoot around 90 arrows each shooting session. This was my 2nd archery practice after the Archery Calendar shoot.

So far I have had 4 weight training session. ( last one tonight) focusing on my upper part. Shoulder, back, breast, biceps and little bit of triceps. My dad have put a program weight training program for me based for archery. Im pretty soar now I can tell you, every day Im waking up with some soar in some muscle.
Im not going to make the mistake last time I started to shoot. I was way to skinny and didnt weight train at all before I started to shoot which led to a a large amount of pain in my left shoulder by the end of the season.

I know some archers are wondering of I really shoot these days or just taking modeling pictures with the bow. If you ever have that question, you can just start to follow this blog were I will share you my way back to the competition field, were I belong and was ment to be. Goodnight =)


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