This week has past really quick. Received great news this wednesday during lunch, I was like a child on Christmas, overwhelmed, suprised and so incredible happy!

A couple of month ago I read on  FITA website that they were recruiting different position for people to work and be part of the Olympics 2012. One of them was " Athlete Servic Group leader". I took the chance and applied. After 2 month I got contacted that they have read my CV and after 2 weeks I had a interview with 3 people for an hour. The whole process was very proffessional done. "We will let you know in 2 weeks regarding you will get the position or not."

I always prepare for the worst case scenario so I didnt want to be to positive, but just hoping. Being a part of the Olympic has always been big dream and motivation

Now I got the position at the Archery Field and the Olympic adventure has begun. Tomorrow I will fill in some paperwork and details that they will need. Between 26 - 10 October they will have a Olympic test event. I will be at the St John Woods Cricket Ground, were the Archery event will be held. Its a incredible nice venue.
There they will test all the staff If they are capable of their position and If they think I do a good work, I will work and the Olympics & Paralympics events. So I will try to do the best that I can to make them happy =)

Even though I will not participate as an athlete (this time =) Its a great honour to be part of it and prepare for the athlete & spectators that will come to the Olympic Games. Giving them the best service and experience of a lifetime. They will give me a  incredible memory and inspiration for life.

Other fun things happened this week:

-Great meeting with my web team that will re design and upgrade my official website mixhaxholm.com with new fashionable and modern functions

- My weight training is getting better, inreasing the weights slowly with more reps

- Booked a ticket to Germany

Highlights of the day:

- After searching & emailing loads of request for 2 days, to find a good place to stay during the Olympic test event. I got one great respons.  Very nice double room for a nice price,  5 min walk !!!!  from the Archery Venue =)

Busy Mind

This is what I love about archery. I find my mind so busy with thoughts many times, but as soon I take my bow, focus on my training I just calm down and get in balance. That how I felt today during my 6th archery session. Lovely!

Sharing inspired writing by: Joao Miguel Santos Almeida (Talented archer from Portugal)

As an Archer sometimes we trade shooting for other stuff, instead of style we choose to sweat all over and get dirty, instead of partying we choose championships, sometimes we even trade studies for archery, sometimes we loose contact with close friends, instead of stay sleeping we wake up early to go to a tournament, instead of fancy clothes we buy arrows and bows and we don't give a shit for all we missed, because the love and sastifaction we have just by shooting some arrows worth it all.

We know all our real friends really understand the love we have for what we do.

We archers remain as a close family sometimes we get frustated but we'll always surpass it with other archers help that's just how much we love archery.

Because being an archer is a lifestyle not just an hobby.

No Pain, no Gain.

This is a message that I leave for all archer's to get an extra motivation.

Thanks for letting me share Joao =)


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