Im in wonderful London and Im so inspired!! My trip started on sunday 25 september and I met up with a friend of mine at  Skavsta Airport. I flew in to Gatwick Aiport and on my way with to the posh side of  Glocester rd area. Early monday morning I was heading to Canary Wharf buisness district to meet up with the rest of the group to get prepared. We spent two intense days in the office getting a lot of inspiring information of the preperation for the Olympics 2012.
Between 3-10 October the Olympic test event will be held at the famous St Lord`s Cricket Ground.
We have been on the field today and preparing for the first teams and officials to arrive on 30 september. Im so proud and happy to be apart of these days and event! Stay tuned!

Postat av: Mikke

ahhhh. wish I had been there!!!

2012-02-09 @ 19:18:33

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