Having a break.
Packing archery equipment is no picknick, many details to bring and I dont like to pack. I had 2 days of minimum sleep. I have nights when I think to much, past, future, memories, ideas my minds spins, my abs feels like a ballon, I get sensitive, emotional and my condfidence just went outside the target. Yes Im a woman and Its not all glamouros everyday! Thank God I have a trip that will cheer me up.

In 7 hours my Taxi will be outside, Im heading to the big Archery Tempel to meet the all the Masters in Iris + Werner Center

They will have a pre-view of my upcoming worldwide archery calendar 2012 and also help me to tune my new Win & Win riser & VAP 600 arrow from VictoryArchery. Looking forward to learn even more about the tuning process from Andreas and Werner. I will take notes so and share the process. I was really looking forward to meet up with Allen from Victory Archery there but unfortunately he got ill and cant make it. Hope you are getting well soon! Look forward to meet you at the ATA-Show in January.

They call it "chestguard" in archery world, while I call it  my "breast guard", Its not my chest that needs to be protected from the string...
Its not any that fits my size in the market and they basically look the same. Except the Korean girls that use cute ones.
Mainstream Its not for me, so I went a head and designed one that fits my personality.  Ingrid made it come out more fashionable. Sexy texture and colour.

From todays newspaper, the team won. Good work honey!

Did you know this about  : boobs

Breast are the first thing men notice in a woman

Coconot anyone? =) Sweet dreams!


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