The saturday was spent in the archery hall. Roger was so kind to remind me of the string  making and I manage to make 2 new strings for the indoor season that I was very proud of. I was wondering of what material I was going to use. Fastlight? Angel Dynema? or the new ones in the market. I think I actually ended up with dynaflight. I found a old roll of string at home that I thought was Angel dynema. But we both think Its actually dynaflight.

Never mind the new string felt really nice. Softer sound of the bow, better shooting feeling and the arrow went faster. I shoot with dynaflight material when I was younger  and I have no problem going back to my roots=)

I took 2 hours of in saturday afternoon to have dinner and watch Petru play on TV for his team IFK Norrköping. They got 1 point back home and he sounded happy of the result. At midnight I picked him out at the Park. I was so soar all over my body after a week of good training, so I slept in quite quick after a warm bath.


I remembered that day very clear. I was packing and preparing for my flight giong to China for the world archery target championships in. It felt so unreal, lika a movie. I was not to keen to fly the next day. I shoot the championships but the US team never showed up. What a nightmare It much have been for them. They have been showing the memorable service from ground zero on the swedish TV all day. Moving.

I like to make my own strings, now I have 2 new for the the indoor season.

The Beiter string tool is a great help.

The result of my my new string. Can you see that I managed to put on the full BEITER Stabilizer set this session, and it felt good. Way to go Mix =)


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