This week I have been working adjusting the last details before my upcoming worldwide Archery Calendar 2012  goes to print and also hitting my way back to the Archery training.
I was so moved by the group of hockeplayer that died in the aircrash in Russia 2 days ago. It really makes you just stop and appreciate small things in everyday life that makes you happy. My heart goeas out to all the families.

After almost 2 weeks away Petru arrived home from his national team in Moldova wednesday night. I told him that Im about to get my archery shape back and he is just supportive an happy. "Good, then you dont need to go around looking to skinny". I like when you eat and get your athlete body back.

Wednesday workout regime: Weightraining focusing on shoulder, biceps, triceps & Abs

Thursday morning: Weight training focusing on abs, butt, legs front and back.

Mix + Worldclass

Petru taking me for late lunch before my weightraining. Chicken & pasta salad. Soon time for archery practice.

When I met Petru, he never drank Coffe and now Its a habit =)

Friday evening spent in my own temple. the archery hall


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