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Im in wonderful London and Im so inspired!! My trip started on sunday 25 september and I met up with a friend of mine at  Skavsta Airport. I flew in to Gatwick Aiport and on my way with to the posh side of  Glocester rd area. Early monday morning I was heading to Canary Wharf buisness district to meet up with the rest of the group to get prepared. We spent two intense days in the office getting a lot of inspiring information of the preperation for the Olympics 2012.
Between 3-10 October the Olympic test event will be held at the famous St Lord`s Cricket Ground.
We have been on the field today and preparing for the first teams and officials to arrive on 30 september. Im so proud and happy to be apart of these days and event! Stay tuned!


Having a break.
Packing archery equipment is no picknick, many details to bring and I dont like to pack. I had 2 days of minimum sleep. I have nights when I think to much, past, future, memories, ideas my minds spins, my abs feels like a ballon, I get sensitive, emotional and my condfidence just went outside the target. Yes Im a woman and Its not all glamouros everyday! Thank God I have a trip that will cheer me up.

In 7 hours my Taxi will be outside, Im heading to the big Archery Tempel to meet the all the Masters in Iris + Werner Center

They will have a pre-view of my upcoming worldwide archery calendar 2012 and also help me to tune my new Win & Win riser & VAP 600 arrow from VictoryArchery. Looking forward to learn even more about the tuning process from Andreas and Werner. I will take notes so and share the process. I was really looking forward to meet up with Allen from Victory Archery there but unfortunately he got ill and cant make it. Hope you are getting well soon! Look forward to meet you at the ATA-Show in January.

They call it "chestguard" in archery world, while I call it  my "breast guard", Its not my chest that needs to be protected from the string...
Its not any that fits my size in the market and they basically look the same. Except the Korean girls that use cute ones.
Mainstream Its not for me, so I went a head and designed one that fits my personality.  Ingrid made it come out more fashionable. Sexy texture and colour.

From todays newspaper, the team won. Good work honey!

Did you know this about  : boobs

Breast are the first thing men notice in a woman

Coconot anyone? =) Sweet dreams!


This week has past really quick. Received great news this wednesday during lunch, I was like a child on Christmas, overwhelmed, suprised and so incredible happy!

A couple of month ago I read on  FITA website that they were recruiting different position for people to work and be part of the Olympics 2012. One of them was " Athlete Servic Group leader". I took the chance and applied. After 2 month I got contacted that they have read my CV and after 2 weeks I had a interview with 3 people for an hour. The whole process was very proffessional done. "We will let you know in 2 weeks regarding you will get the position or not."

I always prepare for the worst case scenario so I didnt want to be to positive, but just hoping. Being a part of the Olympic has always been big dream and motivation

Now I got the position at the Archery Field and the Olympic adventure has begun. Tomorrow I will fill in some paperwork and details that they will need. Between 26 - 10 October they will have a Olympic test event. I will be at the St John Woods Cricket Ground, were the Archery event will be held. Its a incredible nice venue.
There they will test all the staff If they are capable of their position and If they think I do a good work, I will work and the Olympics & Paralympics events. So I will try to do the best that I can to make them happy =)

Even though I will not participate as an athlete (this time =) Its a great honour to be part of it and prepare for the athlete & spectators that will come to the Olympic Games. Giving them the best service and experience of a lifetime. They will give me a  incredible memory and inspiration for life.

Other fun things happened this week:

-Great meeting with my web team that will re design and upgrade my official website mixhaxholm.com with new fashionable and modern functions

- My weight training is getting better, inreasing the weights slowly with more reps

- Booked a ticket to Germany

Highlights of the day:

- After searching & emailing loads of request for 2 days, to find a good place to stay during the Olympic test event. I got one great respons.  Very nice double room for a nice price,  5 min walk !!!!  from the Archery Venue =)

Busy Mind

This is what I love about archery. I find my mind so busy with thoughts many times, but as soon I take my bow, focus on my training I just calm down and get in balance. That how I felt today during my 6th archery session. Lovely!

Sharing inspired writing by: Joao Miguel Santos Almeida (Talented archer from Portugal)

As an Archer sometimes we trade shooting for other stuff, instead of style we choose to sweat all over and get dirty, instead of partying we choose championships, sometimes we even trade studies for archery, sometimes we loose contact with close friends, instead of stay sleeping we wake up early to go to a tournament, instead of fancy clothes we buy arrows and bows and we don't give a shit for all we missed, because the love and sastifaction we have just by shooting some arrows worth it all.

We know all our real friends really understand the love we have for what we do.

We archers remain as a close family sometimes we get frustated but we'll always surpass it with other archers help that's just how much we love archery.

Because being an archer is a lifestyle not just an hobby.

No Pain, no Gain.

This is a message that I leave for all archer's to get an extra motivation.

Thanks for letting me share Joao =)


Arrived today from http://www.bagaropilar.com/se/ Yaay!

Fun stuff read about colours


Meaning, symbolism and psychology of color: All About the Color blackBlack is authoritative and powerful; because black can evoke strong emotions, too much can be overwhelming. Black represents a lack of color, the primordial void, emptiness. It is a classic color for clothing, possibly because it makes the wearer appear thinner and more sophisticated.

How the color black affects us physically

  • makes one feel inconspicuous
  • provides a restful emptiness
  • is mysterious by evoking a sense of potential and possibility

Why choose one when you can Mix ;)

Meaning of the Color Red

Meaning, symbolism and psychology of color: All About the Color redRed has more personal associations than any other color. Recognized as a stimulant red is inherently exciting and the amount of red is directly related to the level of energy perceived. Red draws attention and a keen use of red as an accent can immediately focus attention on a particular element.

How the color red affects us mentally and physically
* Increases enthusiasm
* Stimulates energy
* Encourages action and confidence
* A sense of protection from fears and anxiety

Monday ended at the gym. Back & Breast on the scheaduale.

My favorite colors is black and Red. Love this music video by Madonna who make a great mix of them.

Nothing really matters, love is all we need..


The saturday was spent in the archery hall. Roger was so kind to remind me of the string  making and I manage to make 2 new strings for the indoor season that I was very proud of. I was wondering of what material I was going to use. Fastlight? Angel Dynema? or the new ones in the market. I think I actually ended up with dynaflight. I found a old roll of string at home that I thought was Angel dynema. But we both think Its actually dynaflight.

Never mind the new string felt really nice. Softer sound of the bow, better shooting feeling and the arrow went faster. I shoot with dynaflight material when I was younger  and I have no problem going back to my roots=)

I took 2 hours of in saturday afternoon to have dinner and watch Petru play on TV for his team IFK Norrköping. They got 1 point back home and he sounded happy of the result. At midnight I picked him out at the Park. I was so soar all over my body after a week of good training, so I slept in quite quick after a warm bath.


I remembered that day very clear. I was packing and preparing for my flight giong to China for the world archery target championships in. It felt so unreal, lika a movie. I was not to keen to fly the next day. I shoot the championships but the US team never showed up. What a nightmare It much have been for them. They have been showing the memorable service from ground zero on the swedish TV all day. Moving.

I like to make my own strings, now I have 2 new for the the indoor season.

The Beiter string tool is a great help.

The result of my my new string. Can you see that I managed to put on the full BEITER Stabilizer set this session, and it felt good. Way to go Mix =)


This week I have been working adjusting the last details before my upcoming worldwide Archery Calendar 2012  goes to print and also hitting my way back to the Archery training.
I was so moved by the group of hockeplayer that died in the aircrash in Russia 2 days ago. It really makes you just stop and appreciate small things in everyday life that makes you happy. My heart goeas out to all the families.

After almost 2 weeks away Petru arrived home from his national team in Moldova wednesday night. I told him that Im about to get my archery shape back and he is just supportive an happy. "Good, then you dont need to go around looking to skinny". I like when you eat and get your athlete body back.

Wednesday workout regime: Weightraining focusing on shoulder, biceps, triceps & Abs

Thursday morning: Weight training focusing on abs, butt, legs front and back.

Mix + Worldclass

Petru taking me for late lunch before my weightraining. Chicken & pasta salad. Soon time for archery practice.

When I met Petru, he never drank Coffe and now Its a habit =)

Friday evening spent in my own temple. the archery hall


Hello my friends, It been a while since I have been blogging. My upcoming worldwide Archery Calendar 2012 have been taking all my time since December last year. If you want to have a sneak peak and a storie about me, my background and the project I really recommend you to sign up at : http://www.archerylifestylemagazine.com/nl/app

Harm did a great job portraying my life. Right now my other website mixhaxholm.com is under contruction. I have a great team that are updating it and there I will have a blogg as well and other goodies that I look forward to share with you soon.


I lost a lot of weight for the photoshoot of the Archery Calendar, I honestly didnt need to go on a diet 2 -3 weeks before because the stress  took all the weight on me. This have been a great challenge for me, planning and working in front of the camera and also behind the scene. Im so happy and thankful of the archery and airline companie that have supporting me during this way. Also FITA for the big support.
It has also been a very emotional trip, I have had my first archerycoach in the back of my head all the time, Erik Karlsson. When I turned 30 this year I wanted to honour my sport that have given me so much, saved me in so many situtaion but also remembering my coach and friend that took me under his wings and believed in me.

I have manage to shoot around 90 arrows each shooting session. This was my 2nd archery practice after the Archery Calendar shoot.

So far I have had 4 weight training session. ( last one tonight) focusing on my upper part. Shoulder, back, breast, biceps and little bit of triceps. My dad have put a program weight training program for me based for archery. Im pretty soar now I can tell you, every day Im waking up with some soar in some muscle.
Im not going to make the mistake last time I started to shoot. I was way to skinny and didnt weight train at all before I started to shoot which led to a a large amount of pain in my left shoulder by the end of the season.

I know some archers are wondering of I really shoot these days or just taking modeling pictures with the bow. If you ever have that question, you can just start to follow this blog were I will share you my way back to the competition field, were I belong and was ment to be. Goodnight =)



Hej igen

Hemma från USA var man för ett tag sen. Jag har bloggat för fullt på FOTBOLLS FRUBLOGGEN på IFKs officiella hemsida. Ni får hålla uppdaterade där, för det har hänt mycket sen dess och igår fick jag träffa och ta kort med en stor dansk idol, Michael Laudrup. Kika in på Fotbollsfrubloggen och kolla in bilder.

Bjuder på lite av dagens sommarbilder


Vi är redan i Juni och det ska bli skönt med lite "semester" . IFK Norrköping leder supperettan, mannen har lite förjänad ledighet och jag är glad att få varit en del av den genom FOTBOLLSFRUBLOGGEN på IFK Norrköpings officiella hemsida.

Imorgon kommer Taxin och hämtar upp mig 03.55 på morgonen, sen blir det avfärd till Arlanda. Väl där blir det resa med Continental Airlines hela vägen till Erie i Pennsylvania. Jag ska vara värdinna för ett bågskyttevent som jag blev inbjuden till redan i Februari och så kommer vi ha lite utlottning på min omtalade "Leo Kalender 2010" där jag är månadens omslag i :)

Jag är den enda inbjudna från Europa och ska mingla bredvid några andra amerikanska kändisar, här är en länk :

Invited Celebrities :)

Nu kommer den även till USA och jag har några i min resväska som jag ska lotta ut in the states :)

Just Nu är jag i JUNI omslaget :). Denna bild retade tydligen upp en helt land....själv är jag helt nöjd med den :)


Här kommer lite bilder från NKPG som kom ut i Norrköping. :)

Mixad Sportfest!!

Gå in på min : FOTBOLLFRU BLOGG Läs om en helt underbar " Mixad Sportfest helg!!! "

Nu är det Vår outfit som gäller


Ute nu i 22500 ex i hela Norrköping www.nollelva nu + Hela Linköping :)
Tack till Bingo Rimer som fixade kallas bilder :)

Snygga träningstoppen jag har på mig hittar du på:
Sexy by Sweden

Söndag med "Last Bounce"

I söndags hade jag en otroligt kul dag. Jag tog bussen med dansgänget och drog till Stockholm för att besöka Dansmuseet, Operan och dagens höjdpunkt BOUNCE!! Lite vemodigt är det att det är deras sista show men vad dom har inspirerat dansen i Sverige och varit unika. En tjej som jag verkligen inspireras av är Jennie Widegren som dansar i Bounce ,36 år och fortfarande superduktig, glödhet dansare med personlighet och karisma!! Mina dansare Sasha och Lisa som jag hade under mitt gig i Göteborg var också med i Showen. Ni var alla super!!! Tack för en kanoninspirerande söndag!

Hur min lördag var får ni kika in på min "Fotbollsfrublogg" på IFK Norrköpings hemsida

Min duktiga danscoach Marcus och jag njuter av showen!

Inside Operahuset i Stockholm

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